Look of the day : Faux Fur Animal Print Coat

Hey lovelies! I am so excited about this post because I love how the pictures have turned out and also, I am so in love with all that I am wearing. I wore this last week, when I had to go for a modelling assignment for reviewing restaurants. After the shoot, I decided to click some shots.

I am wearing a peachy shirt with pearl buttons and a ribbon to tie at the collar. I paired it up with a woollen skirt, which actually has shorts stitched inside, which I really like. Wore a long Faux Fur Animal Print Coat and accessorised with a multi layer Pearl Necklace and a Chunky Ring. Depending on how extreme the winters are, you can choose to wear your leggings accordingly. I wore a sheer one, but I usually wear the heat-techs I get from Uniqlo. For shoes I chose to wear my favorite black Wedges with high socks .

Shirt :Hush Hush / Skirt: Ingni / Coat: Ingni / Shoes:Forever 21/Ring:Swarovski

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Get the bold, High-Fashion look!

I wanted to create a hot and sexy look , so did this black smokey eyes and red lips which apparently is a no-no for many women. Used the best ever curling wand by Remington to create those soft curls at the bottom. Messed up the hair a bit to get that out-of-the-bed look. The little black velvet dress complimented the whole look I was going for and made the makeup pop more! I loved the end results...did you?

Dress: Forever 21

Primer : Smashbox Photofinish
Foundation : Mac Matchmaster (Shade 5.0)
Face Powder : Clinique Super Balanced Powder Makeup (05 Natural 5)
Concealer: Makeup Forever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream
Highlight : Benefit Sunbeam
Contour : Stilla Bronzing Powder
Blush : Mac Springsheen Sheertone Shimmer Blush

Eyeshadow base: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Eyeshadows : Urban Decay Naked Palette (Virgin ,Creep, Gunmetal)
Eyeliner : Loreal Super Liner (Black Laquer)

lipstick : Mac Satin Just a Bite
Lipliner : Mac Cherry 

You liked the makeup or you think its too dramatic?

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Trend Highlight : Oversized Jackets

Hello lovelies! Weekend is here... hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday. I just got back from a shoot for Sony Xperia which was pretty exciting. There was a nice cozy setup and I had a great time! Now I am tired and it is super chilly outside, so I prefer being tucked in my bed , and this is how I am blogging on a Saturday night .

Anyways, these are some pictures from a few days back. I tried to create this rustic look with a raw and rugged vibe to it. Obviously, I started with choosing my super skinny faded jeans and paired it with my sexy high heel wedges. Aviator glasses complimented the look.You can try those geeky/nerdy glasses instead if there isn't much sun. I picked up this oversized loose fitted coat (not sure what it is called...could be a variation of a poncho coat but looks way trendier :P) and these are the end results .

Coat : Ingni/ Wedges: Forever21/Jeans: Zara

what do you think ? Do you like this innovatively styled coat ?
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Trend highlight : Puffer Coats

A stylish antidote to plummeting temperatures...Puffer Coats are a rage this season! They are so cozy yet light weight and look incredibly chic.  I personally don't like the ones which look plastic or glossy, so this one caught my instant attention. It is amazingly warm and comfortable and I love its waist-cinching belt and high collared neck.  

Puffer Coat : Ingni / Beanie: HnM

Are you prepared for extreme winters ? Puffer up with these coziest outwear!

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Make a style statement with Oversized Sweaters

I have been loving this new trend of oversized sweaters , cardigans and jackets, but I to prefer wear something tapered at the bottom, such as skinny jeans or leggings . This perhaps gives a more slimming and lengthening effect.  If you were to sport a more tomboy look then you can team it with baggy jeans. I wore my favorite high heel black wedges, and finished the look with geeky glasses and a pink beanie.

Sweater , Beanie, Wedges : Forever21
Jeans : Zara
Ring : Swarovski

So go pick your knit and team it up with something sleek at the bottom. Add some school girl accessory such a geeky glasses or a backpack and you are ready to rock this look!

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