Angel Makeup tutorial and styling for halloween!!!

Halloween is the most awaited day of the year for me. Why? because I can unleash my creativity and do whatever I want to..haha...I can just splash on the colors to my face the way  I like ,wear whatever I want, be as bling-bling as I want and it seems all appropriate on that day and this is why I love Halloween!

I decided to become an Angel this year.I did not buy any costumes because I think they are just so expensive here in Tokyo for a one time wear. However, I did buy some accessories.

This makeup if toned downed a bit can be done on any occasion such as weddings, parties, clubbing etc.

If you like this look then please watch this video on my makeup and styling.

Where to Buy ?

Grape - Beauty From the Earth Cosmetics

Coastal scents 88 color Matte Pallette

Mac Black Track Fluidline

Mac Love Rock and Light Over Dark Duo Blush 

Lipstick - Cremesheen Creme Cup by Mac

Wardrobe and Styling 
  • I bought the beautiful off shoulder black satin dress from Platinum Mall in Bangkok. Seriously, if you are a shopping freak then Bangkok is the place to be. A better option afcourse is China but Bangkok is a more tourist spot and has a lot of other activities to do as well apart from shopping. I got this dress for somewhere around 350 baht ( Rs 500 / $ 10) .Its unbeleivable....isnt it? 
  • I got the earrings too from Platinum mall in Bangkok again for somewhere around 300 baht or so.Now this is certainly a steal!The pink hat is from the same mall too. Ooh...I so want to be their right now!
  • Broach and the armlets are from China.Now that place is like a heaven for shopholics .I bought like bags full of junk jewellery from their.
  • Stocking are from La Senza, a little pricey but very long lasting. I end up tearing all my stocking but these ones are still safe.
  • I recently got this beautiful diamond studded belt from Indigo in Metropoliton Mall , Gurgaon,India . Its really jazzy but I love it!
  • The black stillettos are from Carlton,Metropoliton Mall ,Gurgaon,India. Not too crazy about this shop .
  • Wings and Halo are from Don Quijote in Tokyo .
  • Gloves from Shibuya 109 in Tokyo

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Conair Infiniti Hot Rollers

I love to have those soft bouncy curls just like supermodels...well who doesnt.I tried everything from hair curling rods to hair straightners and blow dryers but nothing seemed to have worked perfectly until I found these Conair Infiniti hot rollers.

I am so glad I bought them. I ordered them on Amazon.com and they were so reasonably priced at 41$ . I think that certainly is a very good price for 20 hot ceramic tourmaline rollers.

This is the video before I got my hair permanently straightened. I would do another video on how they work post my hair straignteneing treament (Liscio treatment) now that my hair is super silky soft and straight.

You'll be able to see in the video how in the beginning my hair looks so umanageable and rough and after using the hot rollers I look so much more glammed up 

  1. Soft bouncy curls are achievable. A curling rod or hair straightner would rather make my hair look flat and limp.
  2. If desired, a lot more volume can be achieved in the hair using these. Other equipment fail to do so.
  3. Less time consuming - takes approx 10 min to put in the rollers. Can be used even when you are in hurry. Just put them and do rest of your tasks and simply take them off in a while.
  4. Very conveneint to use.Other equipments are a bit more painstaking to use
  5. Much less damage to hair or rather no damage because of the velvet coating . The hot rollers are never as hot as the other hair curling equipments but the results are better.
  6. Hardly any hair breakage because there is really no need to struggle with the hair to curl it.Other equipments definitely lead to breakage while pulling the hair to curl it.
  7. 3 sizes of rollers in the set to get whichever size of curls that you want.
  8. Multiple temperature setting  so you can opt from very curly hair to soft waves depending on what temeprature you set
  1. The roller clips dont have a good grip and they end up slipping often but I can manage. For this you can buy another set of good roller clips.
If I were to buy a new set of rollers I would buy ones which had jumbo size rollers too because they help to create more volume at the crown area. In all other respects these are perfect.
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Do you want luscious long locks ?

Well, who doesnt want luscious long locks but it isn't that easy. Long hair often looks bedraggled and lacks lustre. So the best solution is to have hair extensions ! I get so many compliments when I wear these. Dont they look absolutely real? I am so in love with these and I believe that they are a MUST HAVE!
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Accessory trends : High socks

Socks are a bonafide fashion trend for the year 2010.They are not merely a uniform accessory anymore but have gained center stage worldwide. Not only do they add a new dimension to the outfits but have a great utility as they allow us to transform our summer outfits into outfits appropriate for winters.
Socks of various colors, textures and lengths are very widely used in Tokyo as a fashion accessory.Any outfit looks incomplete without adding a pair of socks or stocking to it. You want to dress up cute, sexy or elegant ...these socks help you make your own fashion statement

In the picture below , I am wearing check Knee high socks under my boots for one of my shoots.
Below are a few more of my pictures wearing high socks. I either wear them to add some style or color or when its getting too cold outside.One thing I love about them is that you can team it up with almost everything such as shorts , skirts or even jeans and wooh! it changes the whole look.Dont they look so sheek and chic and still they are so inexpensive. Also ,I dont need to go shop for more boots this winters.I can wear the same colored socks as my stilettoes and they would look like boots.
You can take a look at this video on a few of my high sock styles -

In the video,I am wearing high socks over sheer black stockings as this looks really trendy and prevents from the cold weather. You can also wear these stocking when you haven't had the time to visit a beauty parlor :P or you just dont feel like exposing you legs ( as it can happen in India at times if you are walking down the streets! )

I love the furry socks. They are so adorable and when I wear them they just tend to make my thighs look thinner or atleast I feel that ways. I agree that the white fur ones in the video did look too loud  but nonetheless they are so cute...just like cotton fur balls. 

In the second style in the video I am wearing leg warmers.They are the chunkier knit versions ideally to be worn in winters .So this time you wouldnt need to pack your summer outfits when winters arrive...just pick up a few leg warmers and stockings.

This is one trend which is gaining momentum worldwide.In India,I dont see it that much but i think it will surely pick up pace.

Where to buy ? 
  • In Tokyo - you will find it everywhere - Shibuya 109 , Toyosu Lalaport Mall, Forever 21 , Uniqlo , Zara , H&M  and many more
  • In India - I havent seen it at many places but Reliance Trends in Ambience Mall , Gurgaon did seem to have some a while back.
Some celebrities and runway models 


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