Silky straight tangle free hair forever!

Why I am writing this blog today is because I ought to tell you girls about this! 

I got Liscio hair straightnening treatment done about 2 months back and it did wonders to my hair. It is also called by the names of Rebonding , Japanese Hair Straightening ,Yuko System ,Rusk STR8 and Bio Ionic. It is a permanant hair straightening technique but not only does it straighten the hair but also makes it healthier and shinier. 

As you can see, I had really course, dry and brittle hair. It was impossible to leave my hair open without styling or straightening it.So I would either tie it in a bun or spend atleast an hour or more to dry and then straighten or style it after shampooing.This inturn spoiled my hair and so I got all the more dependant on the hair styling equipments and hair sprays . It was like a vicious circle.

I had heard about permanant hair straightnening techniques but I was apprehensive about giving it a shot because
  1. I always thought that this treatment uses harsh chemicals which will damage my hair further  and also lead to hair fall.
  2. I felt that my hair will become so flat and limp that it will loose all it's elasticity therefore making it impossible to style it any longer. I usually prefer to have as much volume as I can on the crown area of the head and at times need different hairstyles for my shoots. 
But I was so wrong. It DID NOT damage my hair one bit .Rather made it glossier and restored its health and revitalised it .Also,my hair looks more "natural" straight rather than "chemical" straight.Its miraculous!

Honestly , I have seen some people with not such good results. I believe it becomes imperative that you go to a good salon which uses the best products and a qualified and experienced stylist.The difference lies in what quality of relaxing solution is used,use of a protective cream or not and the ironing techinique.

The only downside about this treament is that it can get a bit pricey . In Tokyo , prices range from 300 US$ -400 US$ or more. In India, its around 140 US $ +. 

I totally vouch for this treatment so go for it.You surely wont regret it!

Where I got my treatment from ?

Hayato Newyork , Omotesando , Tokyo , Japan

I love this salon and it has all english speaking staff.I got my hair done from Mr Taichi and he is a great guy.He checked the condition of my hair and gave me an honest opinion regarding the treatment and what final result to expect. He was being realistic rather than showing false optimisim.Ms May and Mr. Masa also helped in the process because its a long process and takes a lot of time.The entire staff was very helpful and friendly.Overall, a great salon at a great location. 


  1. you're so photogenic and pretty ;)

  2. Thanks so much sugar . I really appreciate your kind words :)You look so pretty yourself. Are u from India? .

  3. Hey Tanya, following you now. I love your style. Wowzaaa. btw Thanks for following me on Confessions of a Shoapholic.


  4. @ jiya : thanks for ur lovely comments :)

  5. hey awesome info....even i hv wavy,coarse, brittle hair....n i also thought dat renonding makes dem flat n poker straight which i dnt like...

  6. @ kanika - yeah rebonding makes it straight... but u can always tell the hair stylist if u want it poker straight or just natural straight.He did my hair natural straight...n now its been 9 months and its still the same...except the new hair which has grown...so i wud need to go for a touch up.Yeah... the volume definitely decreases and I like voluminous hair but then this is much easier to manage... and i can keep it open all the time ... without bothering about it .


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