A day at the shoot

Recently , I did a shoot for a Japanese designer. I really liked their clothes so I thought why not post it here. I think they are extremely hip and very different from the usual stuff . The brand is called Selfish..ummm...now I don't know why but it sounds cute to me :P

Incase you are in Tokyo and want to shop from here then you can visit http://selfish.ch.shopserve.jp/

Honestly, I couldn't have ever imagined wearing shades of purple and orange together or colored stockings in blue or purple!!! but now I think it doesn't look that bad.Infact it looks pretty modish and eye catching to me.I love the gradient effect on these stockings.I am definitely going to grab some colored ones and try with my black dresses first.

Stockings would be a brilliant purchase this winter coz while adding to our beauty they would also keep us warm(and showing off our bare legs in Delhi/Gurgaon streets isn't the wisest thing to do :P).

Let me know what you think of these outfits?

Since there are plenty of outfits I will be posting more pictures in the later posts.

There are a few more pictures before my shoot....would be fun to share it with you girls :P

 These are my dresses for the shoot...lol...so many!!! 
Makeup and hair time...early morning!! !(Probably not as early but I like to sleep till very late :P)
Oooh.. I want to have a makeup kit as big as hers or even bigger..haha...I loooove makeup. I want to thank all my makeup artists for teaching me so much about it.


  1. hey Tanya thnx so much for stopping by my channel... m glad i came across ur blog... nice blog and u'l get ur blog award soon !! <3

  2. hehe...:p :p

    m glad u like my blog... :)


  3. dat real nice..!! is dat all ur makeup :p
    u look very gud in d pics? r u a professional model ?

  4. Keep it up....:) gorgeous!

  5. @bhumika ...thanks so much...
    i wish that was all my makeup but it isnt.. :P it was all my makeup artist's makeup kit.
    Yeah..I am a professional model...but i do it mostly for fun :)

    thanks alot sugar and neha <3


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