Electric Nail Care set (Tescom TL 120)

While I was out shopping for hot eyelash curler, I was really intrigued by something kept next to it.It was an electric nail care set and I really could not resist myself from buying it.I bought a hot pink one (Tescom TL 120) and I was so amused to see its results.It took me barely 10 sec to file my nail without making much efforts. It has 3 attachements - a nail filer , buffer and cuticle cleaner and a pink piece of cloth(wonder why?).So you can do a  manicure home without having to waste so much time and energy and money.

What I love about it
Easy to use and saves a lot of time and effort
2 Speed settings at low and high
Very pretty hot pink color
Very compact in size
Reasonably priced at 24$
Battery operated so its wireless

Some more varieties I saw in the store :

Where to buy 
I bought it from Big Camera ,Yurakucho for around 2000 yen (24$).You can also pick it up from Yodobashi Camera in Akihabara, Amazon.jp , Rakuten.co.jp or check in other electronic stores close to your place.
I am not sure if it would be available in India but if you are in Tokyo then do buy this.

Tokyo has the most cutting edge technology and so has an infinite grooming apparatus for women . Due to the language constraint there are times when I do not understand the functionality of a product and neither can I communicate properly with the sales people.I am really fascinated by all the high tech gadgets I see in the store to groom us and enhance our beauty and I would love to try them.Also, I dont have the luxury of going to a beauty parlor here like in India, so I am always on a lookout for things which can help me save time . Let me know if you know of any such wonderful products that you've tried in Japan , India or anywhere else.Thanks! 

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  1. s. u r right ..This is best gadget... am using last 8 months back..i love it!


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