Faux Fur Hats

Faux fur is the trend this season. I see it all over Tokyo .Be it hats, muffs  ,stoles ,scarves, coats, bags ,boot covers,accessories.....u have it all made in faux fur !It is both functional and luxurious .Keeps you warm yet looking so beautiful and sheek.

I am always on a look for more and more fur. My next purchase has to be fur coats.I found some really nice ones but still waiting to get my perfect fit.
This post is specifically for faux fur hats.I will be doing another post on the non fur hats as well. 

The initial pictures are the professional ones taken for a Japanese clothing brand called Selfish :P  ( stop wondering and read ahead ! )

Faux Fur Beret Hats

If you like these you can buy it from their website at http://selfish.ch.shopserve.jp/index.html

The following ones are my small collection :

Faux Fur Cossack Hat
Faux Fur Cap Hat

I might be wrong with there names so correct me if so.

Where to buy from ?
You can pick it up from Shibuya 109-2 (1 st floor).This is one of my favortie shops for accessories. You can also check out Uniqlo,Forever 21, Zara ,H &M, OIOI .You will find it anywhere and everywhere!

In Delhi, I know of a shop in GK M block market called Miss Joes or something like that. It has nice hats and all other fashion accessories. 


  1. Wow...u got a huge collection of them...
    Looking very nice on you:)

  2. woow you have so many, love the one with the rose! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog:) http://fashionispassion-vera.blogspot.com/

  3. all your hats are soo cool and i love your eye makeup it is sooo good

    hope you comment bak :)


  4. thanks for all your wonderful comments..... xoxo... :)


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