How to remove unwanted facial hair ?

A few days back, Neha , a friend of mine, who resides in Tokyo asked me about how I do my Upper lip and eyebrows. It’s a quite simple method but not many people are aware of it. So I thought that I'll share it with you girls. I use "Katori Wax”.

Incase you dont know , Katori is a Hindi word for a small bowl. It’s very different from the usual wax you use for your body. I don’t know its ingredients but it’s in hard form.

How to use

1.   Heat it till it melts down.
2.   Wash your face so as to make sure it’s not too oily or moisturized
3.   Then apply talcum powder (earlier I didn’t have talcum powder with me here so I would use Besan ,Sattu,Aata ...lol )
4.   Using a thin and small wooden spatula, apply a very thick layer on a part of your upper lips in the direction in which the hair is growing. Make sure the wax is not too hot and liquid. It should be semi liquid like a thick paste when you apply it
5.   Then pat it gently and let it dry for around 30 -40 seconds and when it’s completely dry I pull it off in the opposite direction. 
6.   Then put it on the remaining areas of the upper lip and repeat the procedure.
7.   If tiny strands of hair are still remaining then repeat the procedure again for those areas
8.   Then apply soothing gel, astringent or cream .I use Biotique Chlorophyll gel now days. It’s non oily, extremely soothing to the skin and specifically made for this purpose.

It hurts  ...sigh...but we can’t have moustache or bushy eyebrows like men do: P
I also use it for eyebrows. Much better than plucking each strand of hair...phew!!! That takes ages. I use it in the middle of the eyebrows and also around them. I see that many girls are apprehensive about using it for their eyebrows but it is perfectly fine.Usually It takes out very small hair as well and is very effective but whatever few strands are left, I pluck them out if I have time and haven't died of boredom: P

Where to buy?
I pick it up everytime I go to Delhi. You should be able to get it from any drugstore or beauty shop.

Hope this helped.


  1. he will hurt for my upper lips lool i'm not brave enought ! bleaching is way better ant paintless ;)

  2. yeah..bleaching isnt that painful...thats another way out.
    But what do u do for your eyebrows?

  3. Thanx girl!
    Will tryout someday:)

  4. Hey Tanya,
    Nice Blog..

    I also do bleaching for upperlips and go for threading for eyebrows....

  5. you should try the unique Nad's facial wand because it is the easiest way to remove unwanted facial hair and get salon quality results at home. Brazilian Bikini wax is their flagship product that gained a number of prestigious awards :)

  6. nice tips n lovely blog i tried so much to look for follow button but i faied :

  7. Female and male are like hair removal skin. Waxing, Threading and Plucking is simple and easiest hair removal method. It is removing unwanted hair. Facial hair removal is give beauty and young face look.

  8. From where i can get this wax in New York City?, i go to salon for waxing twice a month and i really want something by which i can get rid of unwanted hair at home.

  9. please share ur or demo video of how 2 use katori wax


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