L'Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss Reviews

"Superliner Carbon Gloss is liquid eyeliner in a special sponge tipped pen for the creation of fine lines or thick, sultry flicks. The intense carbon black color is applied with precision and ease and dries without smudging. Thanks to its soft and supple sponge tipped pen, Superliner Carbon Gloss gives a quick, easy and uniform application. Create a line as thick or as delicate as you wish."    http://www.loreal-paris.co.uk/

Note: To see how it works you can also see my previous post where I have done a tutorial video on eye makeup and have used this product for the under eye area. This section pertains to its reviews only.

My experience
My Mac's BlackTrack Fluid line dried out and so I was on a search for something new. I did not bother to repurchase it again even though it was my absolute favorite because there is no assurance that it wouldn’t dry again. I bought L'Oreal Super Liner Carbon Gloss as a replacement at almost half the cost. When I used it to my disappointment it turned out to be of watery consistency as you can see. It is in no way intense or glossy or super. I kept stroking the applicator again and again to get an opaque finish but my efforts went vain. It was too watery for the liner to just settle on my eyes. I removed it and put the other eyeliner I had. In the picture below you will be able to see such an obvious difference in their consistencies. The L'Oreal Carbon Gloss seemed like this despite repeated strokes whereas my other eyeliner looks so opaque and nice in a single stroke.

What I love about it?
Despite such a terrible experience I would not throw it in the dustbin because I realized one thing. It works fine if you put just a very thin line. I don’t know why and how it happens. So when I used a thin line under my eye it seemed to look just fine. Also, I love its applicator. I agree that it has a special sponge tip pen which is extremely easy to use and it is smudge proof

Price : Rs. 570/- ( USD 11) 
I would probably buy it again just to use for my under eye unless I find another smudge proof liner with the similar applicator which has a better consistency.

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  1. You're supposed to shake it before use, it has a thing like many nailpolishes where you must shake before use or it will be watery.


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