Wedding look and styling

This is the look and styling I did for one of my friends wedding.The marriage was on 26th Dec in an open farm house and I should applaud myself to have worn that halter neck blouse in the freezing cold!:P I still dont know how I did it...but as you all would know that  we girls follow the policy of "style ke liye kuchh bhi karega" :P.A neat Patiala peg helped me feel warm enough without tripping down in that Mumtaz style saree.
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Vintage fashion trend of high waists is back!

Happy New Years to all you girls and guys (incase there are any reading this blog :P) !

I took a little break and now I am back. I was in India for a few days to attend a friends wedding and then I headed to Dubai for celebrating New years.Dubai is a shoppers paradise and I would dedicate a post or two to dubai shopping later on.

In this post, I would like to talk about about a fashion trend gaining momentum worldwide.It's the vintage fashion trend of high waist which is vogue yet again!

This trend is becoming increasingly popular and replacing low rise denims which has been a craze for a while now. 

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