Vintage fashion trend of high waists is back!

Happy New Years to all you girls and guys (incase there are any reading this blog :P) !

I took a little break and now I am back. I was in India for a few days to attend a friends wedding and then I headed to Dubai for celebrating New years.Dubai is a shoppers paradise and I would dedicate a post or two to dubai shopping later on.

In this post, I would like to talk about about a fashion trend gaining momentum worldwide.It's the vintage fashion trend of high waist which is vogue yet again!

This trend is becoming increasingly popular and replacing low rise denims which has been a craze for a while now. 

Models on runways

Celebrities in high waists

My recent buys mostly consist of high waists trousers ,shorts and skirts.I am loving this style because it looks modish and enhances your feminine curves.

I am uber excited to share with you some of my high waist collection :


DO wear a fitted, tucked in for a silhouette enhancing look. Ruffled blouses and shirts look great with this style.
DO wear a wide waist belt,They are top picks this season. They help you to cinch up the waist even tighter.
DON'T wear high waisted style with flats. High waisted style elongate the appearence of legs so wearing flats will counter this.
DON"T wear this if you have a short torso.It takes inches away from the upper bosy and women with short torso might not be able to pull it off that well.Best suited for flatter tummies long torsos and hourglass figures.

Tokyo : Forever 21 has plenty such styles
India : Zara has tones of option to pick from. I picked up a few from ZARA in Dubai


  1. I fell in love with ur coral/orang/tan high waisted shorts. love this trend.

  2. you are a genius..and a very good blogger!!
    How we could live wuthout ;) !!
    And most of all I love high waist big belt in leather!! Today I have bought this with rouche and studs from Etsy!
    I love studs...I think it's a musthave of this year!! what you think about?

  3. @shoppingaholic: thanks...they are my absolute favorites too!!! :)

    @sarah : thanks soooo much for your kind words...makes me do even better :)I really appreciate it...
    yeah i checked out the website and its pretty awesome .I am glad to know that it ships to Japan as well...so will order sth pretty soon ;)

  4. Beautiful <3


    If you follow me, I follow you back :)

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