Tokyo sale shopping : accessories from Claire's

Here is another post on my incredible shopping experience at Claire's,Tokyo. This post has everything that I bought other than the earring's since I have that in my previous post here 




Afcourse this one is for my best friend!


 Ohh...I am so in LOVE with this ring. It opens up but still wondering what to keep inside ..hmm
This one is for my other best friend <3! I noticed something very unusual.Every time I see it...it changes color!Now it's green and sometimes it's either brown or black.Strange!!!


 Furrrr....is my new obsession!


 This one has a detachable bow clip incase the bow is too gaudy for you
This one looks weird at the first look...but something about this made it look so nice when I wore it
The ones below are really interesting.They are wired hair bands and have multi-use. I am absolutely in love with them. Other than a hair band,I use them as a scarf to tie around my neck. Since they are wired so I can nicely shape them the way I want. I roll them around my hair to make different hairstyles. I will do a post on how I use them to style my hair. They are my absolute favorites. I had been looking for something like these for a really long time.




I don't know what I am going to do with these...perhaps wear them at the next Halloween .I just couldn't resist buying them 
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Tokyo sale shopping : Earrings from Claire's

Claires, Tokyo (http://www.clairesn.co.jp/) has the most awesome sale going on right now. I bought plenty of stuff at the most unbelievable prices.I went to the Aquacity Mall at Odaiba. Not worth missing but incase you miss it this time you can visit there next sale.They deal in fashion accessories such as earrings , bracelets, chains, hair bands, hair pins, stoles, caps and much more.

This post has the earrings I shopped for :)  They all have a very unusual design and look so cute and chic.

I love this lock and key style....quite funky...isn't it?

Aww... aren't these cola cans so cute?

These icecreams cones are so adroable too!

These are my first pair of denim earrings...pretty unusual stuff!
Below are the flouroscent range of earrings:

 Haha.... this looks super cute! I dont know what exactly this is but I love the combo.

 Again , another cute set of earrings :)

 They are so sheek! A whitish beige silky cloth is wrapped around these with crystals studded on the edges
More fur earrings below :

I liked these alot so bought 4 colors in these :)

Guitar......WOW! so unusual!!!

 These are the usual hoops in antique copper color but they have the cutest things attached to them at the bottom-A pearl, a solitaire looking stone,lock and key and some other stuff.


 This is again such an unusual design... chains and sequences !

 Below are the crystal studded earrings:

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