Placenta Injections - The tissue of youth

Extremely puzzled and curious I was , when I first heard about placenta Injections.What could it possibly be...my mind began to wander! All I could relate it was with pregnant women. Internet search helped me a bit but information on this topic is scant .

To start with, the placenta is  an organ that connects the developing fetus to the uterine wall to allow nutrient uptake, waste elimination, and gas exchange via the mother's blood supply
It is a bio chemical treasure house which supports baby's development and growth in the womb during the entire pregnancy
(Do not search for more pictures on placenta as that can really gross you out!)
Given that placenta is so rich in nutrients ,it is now used for therapeutic purposes in form of injections and drips.

It is believed to have innumerable benefits such as :
  • Regenerates cells, tissues, and organs 
  • Increases flexibility in joints and discs 
  • Improves immune system against diseases 
  • Improves alertness and mental awareness 
  • Lightens facial pigmentation 
  • Refines facial pores and a glow to your skin
  • Improves skin elasticity and thickness; 
  • enhances skin texture 
  • Improves sleep patterns 
  • Improves in blood circulation 
  • Enhances stamina and energy level
  • Renews sexual satisfaction 
  • Eliminates constipation 
  • Decreases pre-menstrual tension and related feminine problems 
  • Reduces pre-menopause syndrome and a delay in menopause 
  • Firms sagging bust and develops bust in cases of women with under developed bust size 
  • Stabilises weight to a normal level 
  • Decreases serum concentrations of cholesterol and triglycerides 
  • Decreases risk of heart disease 
  • Relieves symptoms related to any chronic disease 
  • Increases vigour and energy

My friends in Japan get the placenta injections once a month and are very satisfied with the results. They tell me that it gives a glow to there skin and eliminates all their fatigue. I got it once from Le Coquelicot, Ginza  (http://www.coquelicot.co.jp/e/index.html)  and it costed me 2800 yen ( approx INR 1400 , $30 ). I really can't comment on it's benefits so soon but one thing I can assure is that I didn't face any side effects either.I am not sure if I would get it again because I am a bit paranoid .Some believe that it's safer than Asprin but other's say that it may contain viruses and bacteria that may not be tested for. 

They are extremely popular in Japan and are exported to Korea where they are sold for 5 times the price . I read another article - Is human placenta a wonder drug, or is it just another Japanese health fad? What do you think?


  1. Ummm....amazing info.....

    It's mainly for skin glow?

  2. @ PnB: thanks so much
    @neha: Yea...women here usually get it for skin glow,whitening, rejuvenation and anti ageing. It is also believed to eliminate your fatigue and has many other benefits :)


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