Tokyo winter sale buys - Faux Fur Bags

Finally I am back in action! I had dissappeared for a while and now hopefully I should be getting back in rythym.

Fur is in vogue and I am so truly , madly ,deeply in love with it. I did a post on faux fur hats and this one is on bags. I recently purchased some bags in Tokyo at amazing discounts, some for myself and some to gift to my sister and friends.

To all those staying in Tokyo don't miss checking out the awesome winter sales. The Japanese stores can be very pricey but you can find pretty good deals during sale periods .

Shop : Free's Mart , Ginza ( In the same building as Forever 21 on the G floor )

Shop : Free's Mart , Ginza ( In the same building as Forever 21 on the G floor )

This one looks like puppy on the couch...lol.

Shop : Milsqour , Shibuya 109 , part 2

Where else to buy bags from?
Marui (OIOI) -If you are looking for high quality branded stuff then this is the place.The stuff can be a bit pricey if not purchased during sales but looks extremely sophisticated and classy.

Shibuya 109 - caters mostly to college students dressed up like hip hoppers, rappers etc ..basically the more funky segment of Japanese people.It's relatively inexpensive because its meant for students.

Forever 21 - Its a US store so you will find US prices implying the stuff is very reasonably priced but I never buy bags from here. I just dont seem to like them.

Takashimae and Mitsukoshimae - Incase you are looking for high end luxury brands then these are the malls for you.


  1. All bags are gorgeous. I'd pick the second one!! :) How've you been?


  2. Wow ....lovely bags!

    Missing Japan's shopping!


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