NOTD : Hot flouroscent pink By Eleanor

I am obsessed with pinks and this is another addition to my pink nail paint collection.Till date this is the most "attention seeking" shade I have :P Its a HOT FLOUROSCENT PINK and I am totally loving it and it's crystal studded bottle.

Honestly, for me to not like a pink is almost impossible :P It's not as opaque so I had to put 3 coats and I still didn't get full coverage but that's okay. I am happy with it considering It costed me very little.I picked it up from Sasa in Hongkong .I am off to Hongkong again tomorrow so might pick up a few more from there. :) 

Eleanor - Sasa , Hongkong ( Sasa.com)

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LOTD : On a friend's Pre wedding ceremony

I was in Calcutta to attend a friend's Ring Ceremony . It was quite a pain to tie the saree all by myself and as usual I was running short of time to get dressed :P but I somehow managed.....

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Outfit of the day

Jacket : H & M , Tokyo
Shirt : Granville Road , Hongkong
Trousers : Mango , Dubai
Foot wear : Granville Road, Hongkong
Bracelet : Forever 21, Tokyo

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OOTD in Macau

A major catastrophe occurred a few days back which shook us all! An  earthquake of magnitude 9 hit off Japan which unleashed a ferocious tsunami.This earthquake was the seventh largest on record and the worst earthquake in 140 years of history.My building was literally swinging like a pendulum and It totally freaked me out. I felt like I am hallucinating and totally blanked out. It went on for quite some time after which thebuilding kept swinging for like 15 minutes. I am on the 27th floor so I could feel it all the more. Since the buildings here are earthquake proof so they are designed to swing during earthquake in order to absorb the force.The earthquake later led to nuclear reactor blasts!!!This is perhaps the most difficult situation for Japan after world war 2. Panic stricken ,we had to leave the country for a while with the fear of getting exposed to radiation.So we moved to Hongkong for a few days.Now we are back and things seem to be getting much better except the aftershocks which are  bothering us a little but that's okay. 

My heartfelt condolences to all those who have been effected by one of the biggest catastrophe till date. My heart goes out for the people of Japan.Japanese people are probably the sweetest and the most well behaved,ethical and cultured people on earth . So why do bad things happen to good people???

Moving on, as they say "life must go on" ....this is what I wore on one of these days in Macau. I love this top...its a beautiful amalgamation of lace, sparkle and  cloth .

Top : Jane Norman , Dubai
Denim Skirt : Bershka , Dubai
Stole : Claire's Tokyo
Bracelets : Granville Road , Hongkong

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10 favorite day time wear from the past

CONGRATULATIONS team India for winning the world cup. They truly are incredible and played phenomenally! You made us proud! I wish I was in India to celebrate our victory in a grand way but we had our small super crazy celebration here in Tokyo with Friends + Music + tequila shots ;) 

These are some of day time outfits from the past ranked in the order 1 to 10 according to my liking.

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