Tantalizing Tomato Red by Eleanor - NOTD

This is another absolutely amazing shade from Eleanor which I picked up from Sasa while I was in Hongkong. Since, they don't have a name I named this one Tantalizing tomato red! It's more of a orangish red shade and I am totally loving it.It's easy to apply, dries quickly and has a good consistency but I notice that it chips in 2-3 days. Well , most of my nail paints do! Any suggestions on how I can avoid that? I do use a base coat and top coat.

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Fashion victim of the Romper Fad!!!

Another prominent trend I see this season is Rompers.It is a one piece garment with shorts.They were worn by babies and children of the Victorian era and now worn by women too! Yea... they are kinda cute and ideal for summers as they are comfortable ,light and airy.Other than that ,I don't see why they are so popular this season?

Is it coz they save us from the botheration of matching our shirt and shorts? :P I am just trying to understand here. We cannot even use the loo with ease :P Also, they cinch in at the waist and the shorts are really short...so any cellulite that we have here would be all the more in focus!

Okay...now why did I pick up a romper if I think it looks stupid or funny?Hmmm..honestly , I was a victim of another fashion fad.I saw these in gorgeous colors all over Forever 21 and couldn't resist!:p They don't look that bad after all. I am confused...What do you girls think? You think it looks flattering?Not after you see Serena Williams wearing it (in the pic below)
Source : Google Images

Models and Celebrities in Rompers 
Source : Google Images

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Glitter bomb nails -video tutorial


So this is a super dazzling nail design I came up with. I coated my nails with pure glitter and it looks so sparkling and amazing! Unfortunately , none of the pictures and video has been able to capture its dazzling effect. 
Products used 
Coastal Scents Ocean Blue Glitter 
Coastal Scents Sahara Sand Glitter
Coastal Scents Purple Punch Glitter 

Arezia nail paints from Sasa, Hongkong

Revlon Quick Dry base coat
Nicole by OPI top coat

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A stroll in the 400 year old classical Chinese gardern + OOTD

I was in  Shanghai Last week and I went to this famous tourist spot there by the name of Yuyuan Gardern.It's so beautiful and soothing that it's also called the "Gardern of Peace and Comfort".The day was bright and sunny and the gardern looked so magnificent that I couldn't resist clicking so many pictures .

I wore a high waisted cottony red dress. It was cool and comfortable ....just ideal for summers.
Dress  : Forever 21 , Tokyo
Shoes: Sahara Mall , Gurgaon, India
Bag : Louis Vuitton
Stole : Claire's Tokyo
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Diane Of London in Red Matador - NOTD

 This one is an absolutely beautiful Blood Red shade from "Diane of London" . It's from there City Glamor range of products in Red Matador. I think it's a must have shade in anyones nail paint collection.It has a good consistency , applies with ease ,has an opaque finish and a reasonable long lasting effect. 
Price : INR 250 approx

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Cotton gowns to beat the heat !!!

Dress : Forever 21 , Tokyo
Dress and stole : Granville Road , Hongkong
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