The absolutely gorgeous evening gowns!

Oooooooooh !!!! now aren't these gowns just amazing ? I wish I had one of those but I don't coz I wore these for one of my catalog shoots ( and had to return it back afcourse :P ) .I really fell in love with these. I had never worn something like this before and only after wearing these did I realise that how wonderful gowns can look...just so angelic!

So I picked up plenty of more casual -less formal cottony ones for the summer. I will do a post on those later ;) .If you do plan on buying them then here's the link
Errrr....please ignore my blond wig... I look terrible as a blondie :p


  1. They look like passports to fairyland.. amazingly beautiful!!

  2. These are beautiful! I love the white dresses. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth


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