Tantalizing Tomato Red by Eleanor - NOTD

This is another absolutely amazing shade from Eleanor which I picked up from Sasa while I was in Hongkong. Since, they don't have a name I named this one Tantalizing tomato red! It's more of a orangish red shade and I am totally loving it.It's easy to apply, dries quickly and has a good consistency but I notice that it chips in 2-3 days. Well , most of my nail paints do! Any suggestions on how I can avoid that? I do use a base coat and top coat.


  1. OOoooo la la !! what a color and what a name of the color.
    Softer nails tend to have chipped polish fast as the flexibility of the nails cracks the paint. Harder the nails , longer the paint will last. So the only remedy is to make your delicate nails stronger and harder.

  2. Lovely colour for the lovely hands Tanya. luv it totally.

  3. wow... amazing colour! i like the slight orange-ish shade that it has :)

  4. Wow!!! So glamourous!!! You can try another coat of base coat and before putting on each coat mind that the previous coat has dried really well.

    What an amazing blog you have got!!!


  5. @ anonymous :thanks for the info... I doubt if I will ever get strong and hard nails!

    @ girl at first avenue : yeah..its a very pretty shade :)

    @shoppingholic : thanks..

    @ Nivedita : Thanks so much for your tip...i will use it from next time onwards...n thanks so much for following me :)

  6. Holy nails! That is absolutely HOT!

    The colour is gorgeous!



  7. WOW......U r style pile icon of june!! Well deserved title Tanya!!!!!!!;)

  8. Wow! That's such a delicious color!



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