Sexy Club look : makeup + outfit video !!!

I came up with this glamorous clubbish sort of look.I did the usual black smokey eyes with nude lips ,got into my favorite green dress and teamed it up with floral printed high heel stilettoes.Take a look at the video to see the complete look and why this is my favoritest-est-est dress ;)

The lighting is quite messy...way too much exposure. I was trying to take my video in "manual mode" instead of auto mode and I screwed up big time :P focus, exposure , white balancing ...everything went wrong:( :P I am still learning how to make videos in "manual mode " . Hopefully , should get better with time :)
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Notable Newbie at Blogadda.com!!!

The ecstatic, exuberant and euphoric me :)))))).... celebrating with some wine on the joyous occasion of being the Notable Newbie at blogadda.com.It's a Saturday night and what better day and way to celebrate..cheers !!!
 It feels so good to be recognized and appreciated after all the effort that has been put in :)  Blogging at first seemed to be a daunting task with absolutely no traffic .I am so glad to be bestowed upon with this wonderful title which I shall cherish for the rest of my life. ( Okay!!!enough of my filmy speech...lol!)

Btw I have been really tied up with some work lately and couldn't post that often.I missed blogging all this while and would often dream of it in my sleep....haha.Crazy me!

Anyways... I shall carry on with the wine and movie .Have a fun weekend.I promise to come up with more fun posts asap!!! Muaaaah...

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