I wore something more relaxed ,comfortable and uncomplicated this time without loosing on the style factor.Dressing up casually doesn't mean forfeiting style .I slipped in to my skinny jeans , threw on a  loose cottony shirt ,zipped up my shoe boots and voila!

The high heels and the bag's sleek silver chain do add some element of glamour and girlishness to the look.Replacing them with sneakers and a rugged looking bag would give a more tomboyish feel to the whole look.

Jeans: Levis , Delhi, India
Shirt:Zara , Tokyo ,Japan
Shoe boots: Forever 21, Tokyo, Japan
Sling bag : Freesmart , Ginza, Tokyo


  1. Looking awesome! Love the colour of your shirt! :)

  2. Genkidesuka?! Wow indian blogger living in Japan?! How cool is that, so happy to have discovered your blog. Your style is very cool, love the color combinations and you are such a model. Love your blog! I am your newest follower, i am very interested to keep up with your updates. Follow me back, if you like? :)

  3. I so so so so so wish that i lived in japan and also have you ever used the korean brand tonymoly products?
    i wanted to know about it.

  4. You're welcome doll ;). Love your shirt and bedhead hair :) xx

  5. Perfect coordination:))) Just love it.....U look so perfect even in full clothing:))))Umahhhh

  6. @TGAFA : Thanks so much :)
    @Marcia : Thanks so much for following me..I really appreciate it...I will surely check our ur blog.. :)
    @ Gia : Yeah...TOkyo is awesome!!! I haven't used Tonymoly...but I am sure it wud be available here. Now that u've told me I am definitely going to check it out next time.Is there anything really special about this brand?
    @sugar : Thanks :)
    @Neha: haha..thanks neha ;)

  7. I'm soo glad I discovered your blog Tanya! You n I kinda have the same sense of style, but u're soo much more bold and fashionable! Loved your style and your blog! Totally rara!


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