Indo-Western Fusion : Another way to create spectacular and Exotic looks!

Jhumkas & Bracelet : Janpath , Delhi, India
Neckpiece: Greater Kailash,M block Market ,Delhi , India
Jhola: Sarojini Nagar Market , Delhi, India
Green Body Con Dress : Bombay , India
Stilletoes: Forever 21, Tokyo

The fusion of Indian and western style of dressing can create spectacular looks.Especially,outside India a lot of people consider it to be exotic! The look I created has an indian touch to it despite me dressing up absolutely the non indian way. I accessorized it with some antique looking metallic junk jewelry such as the Jhumkas and traditional looking Neckpiece and Bracelet to add some Indianness .The makeup obviously had to be a lot of kajal and liner to get those big beautiful Indian eyes! .To top it all off I added a jhola(Bag) and a big Desi smile to complete this look.

I entered this look in the Indian Accents Stylepile contest. So if you like it then please take a minute to "heart" it here

I'd Love to have your feedback :)


  1. ~superb Blog and Superb looks~~You Are doing too good~~LUVIn it:-)

  2. Tanya, are you into modelling? You always look so fab

  3. Love the whole look, specially your nails!! Lovely shade of peacock blue.

  4. pretty lady :)
    do you wear contacts or is it your natural eye colour?
    very pretty eyes!

  5. You look great as the color of yr dress!

  6. @Nivedita :Thanks so much girl...yeah I am into Modelling.. <3

    @Crazypopplock : Thanks, yeah its this beautiful mettalic peacock blue!

    @Giasaysthat : I wear hazel contacts by Silk Lens(India)

    @Mehak: Thanks girl


  7. loved your outfit, given you a heart. :)

    Tell me something, which lipstick are you wearing, it is gorgeous!


  8. You look so adorable in these pics! Seriously! Cute and glamorous at the same time :) I think its the colour of ur dress... suits you very well.. love the accessories too!

  9. @ Meg : I am using ..
    Rimmel Marshmallow Look Lipstick in 009 (Only in Japan).So you cant find it anywhere else. This one is my absolute favorite!!!

    Thanks Bhushavali :)

    TGAFA : thanks hottie :)


  10. wow, thanks, it is beautiful. I wish I could get it here. but thanks for the update honey. :)


  11. I liked the way you put together everything, there is certainly no need to go any further to look for any additional information. You mentioned each and everything that too with much of ease.
    Indo western mens wear


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