I am so excited to annouce the winner of my first ever giveaway and she is Artyheart!!! Congratulations girl. 

I am really grateful to you all for participating in my giveaway .I did feel a wee bit sad coz there is only one winner out of the 183 entries that I received. I wish there could be a gift for all of you as a token of my appreciation coz its you all who keep my blog going.Since that's not the case, I would be hosting another giveaway really soon.Thanks for all the love and support! 
Sneak peek of my upcoming post


  1. Hey ^^ i love your blog, alway funny and interesying to read ^^
    Actually I would like to know if you or readers of this blog are interested in writing about the way you have personnally experienced the Northeastern Japan Earthquake (if you haven't but you know people who have experienced the earthquake in Japan, it'd be great if you coud let him/her know about this).
    Tokyo Room Finder Short Essay Contest is an online project to gather heart-warming experiences following the earthquake in Japan. We strongly believe that sharing those experiences will give people hope and revitalize Japan.
    We also offer 2 tickets for Tokyo Disney Resort to each of the winners.

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