Perfect office wear :Look of the day

Skirt: Zara, Tokyo.Japan
Shirt: Ruffled shirt, shibuya 109, Tokyo ,Japan
Stilettoes: Carlton London, Gurgaon, India
Clutch bag: Debenhams,Gurgaon, India

Lipstick : Maybelline 022
Highlighter : Mac Light over Dark Mineralize Blush

When I first came to tokyo I was pleasantly surprised to see how well dressed people here were. What shocked me all the more was that how could working women of all ages manage to look so perfect from head to toe each morning when I could barely open my eyes.I still don't have the answer. 

Inspired by them, I created this look ideal for office wear , job interviews and other professional meetings. I got into my favorite ruffled shirt and paired it up with a high waist green skirt .For a more polished and professional look, I tied my hair into a pony tail ,wore a nude lipstick and slipped into my plain black stilettos. I used a golden highlighter on my cheeks to add a touch of dewiness.Vibrants colors and big pieces of jewelry can be distracting so avoid.

Offices can be chilly at times with the air conditioners operating as very low temperatures so why not throw on a blazer. It adds more sophistication and style. 

Being well dressed at work creates a professional and competent image and speaks volumes about your  ability to do your job. 


  1. wow !!! loved d whole look !! had tried d similar one during my MBA interview !! : ) But the skirt adds that perfect color to d outfit breaking the monotonous routine of greys nd blacks !! : )

  2. i love your blog so much and you look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures! please do another blog post soon!

  3. WOW !! u look amazing !! Super Duper LIKE !!

  4. Lovely skirt... really nice color! looking gorgeous! :)

  5. u look absolutely stunning! love it!

  6. Such nice tailored fit!
    Looking that fly, one wouldn't expect your colleagues to concentrate on anything but you :p

  7. @Nitika: Thanks , Yea...this is perfect green for office ...coz its not too loud and adds some color :)

    @Indian hair and Makeup: Thanks so much.yea..stay tuned for more..

    @Chandana : Thanks so much

    @ Deeptima : Thanks alot!

    @ Indianmakeupalways : Thanks :)

    @ Twentysomethings : Lol... not true..n anyways after marriage... girls stop getting all the attention they wud get before marriage :p

  8. LOVE this look! You look so sweet & sexy ;)

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  9. Hi Tanya. This is a fabulous outfit. Looking great. Do you mind doing a tutorial on how you got the hair to look so perfect? I can't manage to get a similar look without tons of product!!!


  10. Gosh! You're really photogenic! I love the green pencil skirt and Zara coat! xoxo

  11. Perfect:)))

    Yaar mujhe bhi kuch sikha do:((((

    Cheers for u;))

  12. Hi pretty!! :)
    I really like your blog, I follow you :D
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)


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