Beat the chill this winters : OOTD

Jacket : Calvin Klein , Century 21 , NYC 
Jeans: Levis
Shoes : Aldo, Newport Mall, Jersey City
Bag: Prada, NYC
Muffler: Macy's,Newport Mall,Jersey City
Hat and socks: OIOI, Tokyo

Finally,I am back after almost 2 months. As you all might know, I had been traveling all this while. I was in the US for a month where I literally freaked out shopping and then I was in india to visit my family for another month.With the Japanese Yen strengthening and everything in Tokyo being so outrageously expensive it should be considered normal to lose you sanity while shopping in US :P 

Winters are here and this is what I wore to beat the chill. Kept it all very toned down in shades of brown and decided to carry a contrast red bag which really stood out in the whole attire.I feel that the camel shade and red go beautifully together. Did minimal makeup and red lips and topped it off with a fur hat.Fur is the in-thing ... looks good , feels good.

A few of my absolute favorites in this look
  • The bag is my favorit-est-est-est ! I recently bought it from Prada ,NewYork and it was truly my love at first site! I am totally obsessed with it currently. I better be coz it won't be right to shift my obsession to another bag in the store :P Sigh! that would be tragic :P
  • The jacket couldn't get any better in terms of warmth, comfort and style. It feels like soft suede from the outside and inside it has a thick velvety furry layer which feels like I have a soft toy around me which keeps me warm . I picked it up from Calvin Klein in Century 21 in New York. This place is another shopper's paradise. It keeps all designer stuff at discounted prices. 
  • The boots despite having a 3 inch heel are super comfortable and stylish.

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