All about Foundation Primers and Review of my top 5

It is a base coat which is applied beneath the foundations. It is a relatively newer concept and has gained incredible popularity in the past few years due to it immense benefits -

1) Extends longevity of makeup
The facial pores consume foundation when they breathe. Primer creates a barrier between foundation and skin, disallowing pores to absorb any foundation. It also prevents the foundation from melting down in hot weather.
2) Gives a porcelain finish and increases coverage
Primers give a more flawless finish by reducing the look of pores and fine lines and any other skin imperfections. The end result is much softer and smoothened skin.
3)Balances out skin's moisture content and oil levels
Some primers are meant to combat oil or provide moisture depending on your skin type.Hence, it prevents the makeup from looking chalky or sweaty.
4) Evens out skin tone 
It helps to camouflage skin pigmentations and discolorations such as someone with redness on the face might be advised to use a green color primer to neutralize the redness .See the picture below for an example.

5)Helps you achieve the kind of finish you desire 
Some primers are also meant to help us achieve the kind of finish we want -matte , dewy or luminizing . See the picture below for an example.
So all these benefits I talked about here are not just in theory but are 100% true . I have been using primers for years now and I totally swear by it.Makeup artists swear by it too.I have quite a problematic and sensitive skin so primers have gone a long way in helping me.Using just any primer might not help.It will only be as good as a moisturizer. Depending on your skin, you should go in for something which conceals your problem areas.For instance, I have Oily skin, with open pores and blemishes and dark circles. So I needed something which :
  • is oil free and gives a matte finish
  • combats oil
  • conceal my pores 
  • gives a good coverage
  • evens out my redness 
I use the "silicon" based primers .They coat the skin and you can actually feel the skin to have smoothened out. These gel based primes fill in the pores and evens out the skin thereby giving a better application and finer coverage. The visibility of pores reduces considerably and the foundations just glides on seamlessly. Bonus, the makeup stays put all day long.

 If you are convinced enough to buy a primer then go below to see the list of some of the best primers and  read reviews on some of my absolute favorites.


This is no. 1 in the list for me. Well, it is apparently the best rated primer at Sephora
  • It is a silicone based primers which gives all that my skin needs.After applying it, my skin feels soft and the foundation just glides on so easily. The visibility of pores reduces and my skin remains oil free. 
  • It is claimed to have antioxidants and vitamins and helps inhibit destruction of collagen.
  • They have the same primer in color correcting range as well. Those ones are meant to conceal any discolorations on that face.

  • Its quite pricey at $36 but goes a long way.

  • This is another awesome silicone based primer. It works as good as Smashbox Photo Finish if not better. 
  • It is claimed to have soothing plant extracts ,antioxidants and vitamin C and E for added age-defying power.
  • At $22 , it sells at quite a discount to Smashbox Photofinish Primer


This one no. 3 in my list. It is not a face primer but a balm to conceal the appearance of pores.I just apply this product on my cheekarea, forehead and nose and my skin looks kind of airbrushed. 
  • I like it but not as much as the two above,since for me they are better at concealing the pores and extending the longevity of foundations.
  • I would still use it because it is nevertheless a good product and does what it claims to do.
  • At $29, I would rather buy The BareVitamins Primetime instead.


It is apparently another very popular primer in the market . It claims to be a favorite of many makeup artists.

  • I somehow don't love it as much. I can happily live without this product. It has texture just like a moisturizer and so I use it as one and then pat on the silicone based primer on my open pores.
  • It keeps my oil under control but relying solely on this does not give me a smooth , velvety finish.

I got it as a sample from Sephora and I am glad I didn't have to pay for it.


This one is not a primer but a pore minimizing serum. I bought this because applying it twice a day reduce the visibility of pores permanently. So this sounds like a more permanent solution and the rest are just temporary ones. I have been irregular in using it so would review it once after I have diligently used it for a few weeks.


I got this one as a sample from Sephora . I don't like this product too much. It feels sticky on my face and doesn't help conceal any of the flaws.


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Golden smokey eyes + Outfit : New years Eve Clubbing

This was my look on New Years Eve. Since I was clubbing and it was new years eve I wanted  BLING BLING!

  • So I picked up this sexy off shoulder shimmery body con dress and accessorized it with dazzling earrings ,bangles and armlet. 
  • Puffed up my hair by backcombing and securing it with hairspray, bumpits and hair pins.

For makeup, 

  • I did dramatic golden smokey eyes with lots of dazzling shimmer( The shimmer can't be seen in the pictures ). Shimmer might sound tacky to some, but used in right amount ,on the right base and on the right occasions can actually look absolutely fabulous . ( Urban Decay Primer Potion ,Coastal Scents 24k Gold,Beauty From the Earth -Multi Purpose Pigment-Heat , Mac Glitter-Antique Gold, Small Mac Palette for using Black and Brown Shadows, Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick- Bronze)
  • Decided to go with a more neutral shade for my lips ,for which I used a nude shade of lipstick and mixed a tinge of pink in it . (Mac Satin Cherish, Rimmel London 009 )
  • I wanted to get a more sun-kissed , bronzed out effect so instead of using a pinky/peachy blush I lightly dusted some baked bronzer . This gives a beautiful sheen to the cheeks ,like a healthy glow or dewiness as some would call it. (Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick -Bronze)
  • Topped it off with Mac Fix plus spray, to fix in the makeup and get a nice glow

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Pirate Halloween Look 2011

I wanted to share some Halloween pictures of mine. I know it's late but I am sure you all would enjoy. I was a Pirate as you can see .I celebrated it in New York this time where they celebrate Halloween in a grand way.There was this huge parade walking down the streets with hundreds of people dressed up elaborately . It was an experience of a lifetime!

I did the usual smokey eyes with red lips.I absolutely loved the costume .I picked it up from this place called Rickeys-kids section (10-12 years)...lol. It can be a bit of a task to find smaller sizes in US .
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My US Outfits, fashion trends & tips

As some of you would know by now , I was in US for a month so these were some pics I clicked randomly. Instead of doing OOTD posts for each of these I just put them all together here. I tried to make it more meaningful by adding the occasions and locations where I wore these and linking them to some ongoing trends and quick glamming up tips.

  • SEXY CLUBBING : Body-Con dresses and Corset tops are ideal for clubbing.They can never go out of fashion. Corsets work perfectly as waist cinchers and look really glamorous. Wearing Body Con dresses can be a hassle with the cellulite bulging out. Try body shapers next time.It gives a perfect silhouette by flattening the stomach ,supporting & reshaping the buttocks and thinning the thighs. 
  • FUR IS IN : Fur in form of ear muffs, mufflers, caps, socks, jacket hoods  & collars, keychains, bags etc looks cute, chic and funky.In winters, I have at least one fur accessory in my outfit.If you can't see any in my entire outfit, probably it's still inside my boots keeping me warm and comfortable.
  • HIGH WAISTS ARE IN VOGUE TOO: I mostly wore high waisted shorts and skirts with comfortable shoes for more of sightseeing and touristy stuff which involved a lot of walking.
  • CONTRAST CLOTHING LOOKS GOOD: When sometimes matching accessories does look good,contrast dressing has its own charm. Carrying a bag /muffler or wearing shoes/belts which are an absolute contrast with the outfit can add a lot of drama and make the look more eye catching.However, I would make sure not to add many bright contrast colors such as a red bag with a green muffler.I try to have two accessories of the same color which are in contrast with the  rest of the outfit .
  • GLAM UP IN LESS THEN 5 MIN : Red lipstick(pat it on to get a lip stain effect) and tones of mascara is another way to look glammed up in seconds.I also rub a very natural looking concealer under my to reduce my dark circles.Baked bronzer on the cheeks adds some dewiness. Bum-pits with Hairsprays are the best way to add volume on the crown area 
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