My US Outfits, fashion trends & tips

As some of you would know by now , I was in US for a month so these were some pics I clicked randomly. Instead of doing OOTD posts for each of these I just put them all together here. I tried to make it more meaningful by adding the occasions and locations where I wore these and linking them to some ongoing trends and quick glamming up tips.

  • SEXY CLUBBING : Body-Con dresses and Corset tops are ideal for clubbing.They can never go out of fashion. Corsets work perfectly as waist cinchers and look really glamorous. Wearing Body Con dresses can be a hassle with the cellulite bulging out. Try body shapers next time.It gives a perfect silhouette by flattening the stomach ,supporting & reshaping the buttocks and thinning the thighs. 
  • FUR IS IN : Fur in form of ear muffs, mufflers, caps, socks, jacket hoods  & collars, keychains, bags etc looks cute, chic and funky.In winters, I have at least one fur accessory in my outfit.If you can't see any in my entire outfit, probably it's still inside my boots keeping me warm and comfortable.
  • HIGH WAISTS ARE IN VOGUE TOO: I mostly wore high waisted shorts and skirts with comfortable shoes for more of sightseeing and touristy stuff which involved a lot of walking.
  • CONTRAST CLOTHING LOOKS GOOD: When sometimes matching accessories does look good,contrast dressing has its own charm. Carrying a bag /muffler or wearing shoes/belts which are an absolute contrast with the outfit can add a lot of drama and make the look more eye catching.However, I would make sure not to add many bright contrast colors such as a red bag with a green muffler.I try to have two accessories of the same color which are in contrast with the  rest of the outfit .
  • GLAM UP IN LESS THEN 5 MIN : Red lipstick(pat it on to get a lip stain effect) and tones of mascara is another way to look glammed up in seconds.I also rub a very natural looking concealer under my to reduce my dark circles.Baked bronzer on the cheeks adds some dewiness. Bum-pits with Hairsprays are the best way to add volume on the crown area 


  1. Love it..I think red pout really enhances the whole look.

    Happy 2012 Tanya <3


  2. Happy 2012! Looks like you really had a ball in U.S.

    ♡ from ©

  3. The pink corset looks so hot on you!


  4. Miss your posts babe ! you look perfect as usual <3 muwah xx

  5. I <3 the orange blazer with the blue shorts!I think that's my favourite out of all the looks!
    You really did have a ball!

  6. For anyone who is quite petite in stature, you can definitely find this particular midsection Waist Cincher as a little very long, causing many irritation when resting as the sides with the boning rest on the legs.

  7. For anyone like myself who is carrying a bit of extra weight, a waist cincher is perfect for tight clothes like these.


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