Clubbing Look : Hair +Makeup +Outfit -Pictures, products used and tips

I have been so obsessed with hearts lately as can be seen in my pictures clearly:P These are all "Valentine month special" posts :p This was on one of the recent Saturday's, when I went out clubbing with my valentine and another newly married romantic couple. Wow!Love is in the air ...can you smell it ?

  1. I tried to keep it "all Black " with tinge of red in form of red lips and nails. I think it looked hot and ideal for clubbing.(Mac-Satin -Red A80
  2.  To glam it up  , I added a glittery grey eyeshadow on my eyelids with a striking silver on the inner corner of my eyes to give an extra pop.(Beauty From the Earth-Multi Purpose Pigment -Steel )
  3. To define my eyes and make  them look bigger, I lined the upper lids with a gel liner and flicked it towards the end.I kept my lower lids untouched. (Bobbi Brown - Black Ink)
  4. I used loads of mascara and curled my eyelashes (Diorshow - Blackout waterproof)
  5.  I added some sheen on my cheeks with my favorite bronzer/highlighter.(Bobbi Brown-shimmer brick compact-Bronze)
  6. I Pat on very gently with a stippling brush Mac Fix+ spray to set my makeup and get some dewiness
  7. For the hair, I teased it at the crown area and used a strong hold hair spray.That really worked wonders!The tease stayed intact even the next day.I love big voluminous hair! (Spiky -Styling Spray - ultra hard .It is a Japanese brand)
  8. I got into a beautiful shimmery body-con dress I picked up from US .I love how it's got these beautiful tiny specks of shimmer on it. I also love how one of the sleeve has been designed with bows and cuts .I got this just for $ 20. (Charlotte Russe)
  9. I wore a nice pair of dazzling dangle earrings to add more spark to the look 
  10. To compliment the whole look, I teamed it up with sexy high heel terminator sandals . I am not sure though if that's what they are called.I picked them from Shibuya 109 in Tokyo.
  1. This is somewhat a loud makeup and would be more suitable at night than daytime.
  2. You might look a bit overdressed if you do something like this to a place other than a night club. To tone it down , you could perhaps avoid the shimmery eyeshadows and dangle earrings, since the dress in itself is enough to add a lot of shimmer .
  3. If you use a darker shade lipstick, do a lighter eye makeup to balance . You could , perhaps use some mascara and/or eyeliner .
  4. Strong hold hair spray are imperative for having a long lasting tease . This will tangle your hair a lot. Avoiding hair spray or using a mild hairspray will untease your hair in no time.
  5. Please don't attempt to untangle your hair because that can lead to lot of breakage and damage. Best way is to shampoo your hair and condition it well.
  6. Body shapers / shape up undergarments or high waisted shorts are advised for a body con dress like this .This avoids an cellulite from bulging out and gives you a proper lift and fit.
  7. A pink or peach blush might not go very well with bright red lips .Instead, a gold/bronze highlighter looks perfect to add some sheen to the cheeks 


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