Fashion trend : Cropped Jackets

Cropped Jacket: H&M, Tokyo
Sailor Pants and shoes: Forever 21, Tokyo
Over Coat: Allen Solly, Delhi

This is an extension of another post I did recently on Wide Leg Sailor Pants. Here , I would like highlight cropped jackets which have been creating a lot of buzz for quite some time now. They are fantastically versatile and can be worn with almost anything from skinny jeans to summery maxis and party dresses. I personally love wearing them with high waisted outfits. since they compliment them perfectly.Wearing anything other than these, would conceal the beauty of high waisted outfits. They aren't as warm as full length jackets but provide plenty of layering possibilities. 

Another post I did on Denim Cropped Jacket is below
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Uniqlo Heat-Tech and Boyfriend shirts : Ideal winter wear

Brown shirt and black T shirt : Forever 21 , Tokyo
Jacket : Calvin Klein , NYC
Earrings and thin bracelet : Claires, Tokyo
Chunky Bracelet : Janpath , Delhi
Shoes: Aldo, NYC
Muffler: Macys, NYC

This is another casual laid-back look but there is probably something you are missing in the pictures .So I would like to dedicate this post talking about it . It is the leggings that I am wearing here.Now why the leggings you must be wondering! What is so special about them ? Well, they aren't just any leggings. These are called Heat-Tech and they are made with special Japanese technology to beat extreme cold weather. They are manufactured by a popular Japanese brand Uniqlo which has stores all over the world.You must be thinking that there isn't any big deal.These must be made from some thick warm woolen cloth. This isn't the case .They have a very light cottony fabric and so even if you are wearing them indoors where it is hot , they wont provide any discomfort. The beauty of this product is that they are temperature adjustable.

The ones I am wearing here in particular are woolen ones , which I picked up specifically to wear with long tops etc.But there rest of the collection has stocking in cottony fabric comprising of many colors,patterns and sizes. Not just leggings, but there are upper body inners with short sleeves, spaghetti straps, polo neck  and many other variations. There collection also consists of socks , gloves ,mufflers etc.

My love for Uniqlo heat-tech wear grew even stronger when we went to a ski resort , and wearing just two thin layers of upper and lower inners underneath my clothes was so effective. 

I wear them everyday in winters and I am so glad I don't have to wear those heavy sweaters and jackets again. Depending on the cold , I add as many layers. 

These look quite awesome with boyfriend shirts . Wearing a white/black upper heat-tech inner makes the shirt stand out more and adds some spark to the look.I wore dull solid colors here and accesorized with jewellery in copper and bronze tones to add some glam. 

I totally love them which is why I am writing about them here. For all those , who have Uniqlo in there cities should grab these for next winters. Trust me , you will regret not having them all this while. Aah ,one sad part is that all your pretty sweaters will become redundant ;)

Just incase you haven't seen, here is another post in Boyfriend shirts and Heat-Tech .

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Fashion trend : FUR

Source : Guess Website 

I couldn't take my eyes off these pictures! After the luscious red lips which grabbed my attention first, was the fur which is trending fiercely this season. Personally, fur is one of my favorite trend. I am using fur and faux fur interchangeably here. Being an ardent animal lover, I don't like to use real fur but I confess that they are irresistible .They exude so much sophistication and richness. Not to forget, that they are comfortable and warm. Some of the fur accessories I own, are undeniably my cutest possessions, rest add an aura of luxury. 

Rather than creating a full fur item, fur it is dominantly being used in detailing such as to trim the hems of jacket and skirts or sleeves, collars and hoods. It is also used to decorate bags , boots, hats , mufflers , socks and even gloves.

P.S : For all the haters of Red lipstick, these pictures might change your mind ;)

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Floral Maxi Dress : The quintessential summer wear

Maxi Dress : Forever 21, Tokyo .  Shop for it --> here(Japan)
Shoes : Forever 21 , Tokyo. Shop for it ---> here (Japan) and here (US)
Sunglasses : Marc Jacobs, NYC
Bangles : M block Market, GK, Delhi
Necklace : Gift

The bright and fresh maxi dresses in floral prints and warm hues are the quintessential summer wear .If adorned with pearly accessories and perhaps a fedora, can transforms them from casual summer wear to something so much more elegant and dressy.Some chunky jewellery instead, will look more chic.The floral prints and flowy silhouettes emanates alot of femininity making them perfect for romantic dates or even just a casual hang out, depending on how you accessorize them. 

Some posts I had done earlier on Maxi's are here :
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70's style dressing : Wide Leg Sailor Pants

 Pants : Forever 21 , Tokyo .Shop for it ---> here
Shoes: Forever 21, Tokyo. Shop for it----> here
Sunglasses : Guess, NYC

Lipstick : Rimmel London in Marshmallow + Mac Satin Cherish

Seventies fashion of flare pants and polka dotted clothes is back with a bang! Flare pants such as the Palazzos, Sailor Pants and Bell Bottoms have raided the shops here.So inspired by the seventies style dressing, I created this fun look . I picked up these high waisted Wide Leg Sailor Pants that I just bought from Forever 21 and paired them up with a high collared striped shirt. To get more of a seventies feel, I tied this cute polka dotted hair band on my bun and wore a pair of aviator sunglasses . There heart shaped crystal and pinkish tone is something I totally adore.

For all my Indian friends, I got these funny comments from someone very dear to me, that Dirty Picture seems to be my inspiration here ...lol...I doubt it! Vidya Balan and Silk Smitha might be inspiring actresses but certainly not my inspiration for dressing and styling ;). 

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