Behind the scenes : Casio Catalog Shoot

It was snowing heavily the day I had my shoot for Casio Catalog.Wrapped in several layers of clothing, I travelled to a studio slightly far from central Tokyo.Following the map, I finally reached a cozy place with hut like structures and open grounds . The air smelled of fresh mud from the rain. 
I walked further and reached the entrance of the studio. It surely caught my attention as it looked so peaceful , restful and warm.

I entered inside and most of it was painted white, with a lot of camera equipment and random stuff scattered on the ground. The place had a very soothing ambience or atleast I felt so. It began to snow again in a while and the outside view from here was spectacular. For a moment, I wished if there could be a nice cozy seating arrangement with bon fire ,rum and good friends ;)
I walked further in and that place near the books was where they were building the set. The white backgrounds were on and lights and camera were being set up. 

I went straight to the back-room for makeup and dress change.This is another model getting ready for the shoot. 

I get so excited looking at makeup...haha...As usual while getting my makeup and hair done, I struggled to chat with the stylists in broken japanese. :P Nonetheless , it was fun and I got some interesting tips from them .The whole look was kept very simple and undistracting , with minimal and natural makeup and straight hair.Sorry, I cannot post those pictures here, since it is confidential.I would try to scan the catalog and post it here, once they publish it.

That's me with my wonderful makeup-artist and hairstylist :)

The setup was almost ready and we were called for the shoot. We were supposed to pose endlessly till they got the perfect shot. All there pictures were instantly being transferred to laptop where they were being analyzed in terms of picture quality, clarity ,tones ,models expressions , angles etc. So every couple of minutes we would stop to see the pictures and try to improve. 


  1. You look great Tanya !! Nice pics :)

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  2. Beautiful Pictures Tanya.


  3. I caught up on your previous posts..and you are truly gorgeous..
    Do you have a particular fitness regime..it would be great if you shared that with us :)
    Looking forward to seeing the pictures from the shoot :)

  4. wow, nice post! Would love to see more "Japan" in your post if you don't mind :P.

  5. @stylish by Nature... Thanks so much... :)

    @Renew It : Thanks <3<3<3

    @ Agam : Thanks so much !!! Yeah... I have a fitness regime.... I will definitely post it up soon! mostly consists of training in the gym...doing cardio and weights.. will write everything in detail.XOXO

    @Crazypopplock : yep girl! :)


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