Boyfriend Shirts : Trend Highlight

Shirt : Forever 21 , Tokyo
White Inner and woleen stockings (Heat-Tech) : Uniqlo , Tokyo
Skirt: Bershka , Dubai
Black Stocking(Heat-Tech): Uniqlo,Tokyo
Jacket : Calvin Klein, Century City, NYC
Shoes : Aldo, NYC
Sunglasses : Gucci, NYC
Bag: Gucci , NYC
Muffler : Macy's, NYC
Earrings and Bracelet : Claire's , Tokyo
Watch: Guess, NYC

Borrowed-from-your-boyfriend is what these outfits look like, so appropriately named Boyfriend outfits. Personally, I had never been a big fan of baggy jeans and oversized clothes but after trying out a few of theses, I am totally smitten by them. They look sexy and add an element of androgyny. Not to forget, they are comfortable and provide excellent base for light weight layering.This trend has been here for a few seasons now and has gained a universal appeal.
  1. I paired up my check boyfriend shirt with a short denim skirt and woolen heat-Tech (warm  inner) stocking to beat the cold. 
  2. Layering is important in winters to beat the chill, so I wore a Heat-Tech(warm inner) inside.Besides providing immense warmth ,it adds more style and coolness factor to the look. 
  3. I tied my hair in a Donut shapes bun which takes less than a minute!This gives a more casual feel
  4. Accessorized with antique looking earrings and bracelet and somewhat a boyfriend watch with a big crystal studded dial. It has a beautiful animal print leather strap which I totally adore .
  5. Did not want to add more bright girly colors, since I wanted the look to have a more rugged and masculine appeal.So wore sunglasses ,bag, shoes and muffler were all in shades of brown which complement the whole look.
This is a contest entry on stylepile.com - Sassy in Skirts Contest. So if you like it , than take out a moment to heart it here  . I would really appreciate it. Thanks ...XOXO...
 From left to right : Lindsay Lohan , Natalie Portman , Vanessa Hudgens
Source : Google Images


  1. Beautiful Pictures Tanya. Loved your Donut style bun. Cute and chic.

  2. Tanya .. I am gonna try this BF shirt style in my any of next posts .. Don't blame me that I copied your idea but this is freaking awesome and I wanna try in out on me ..GReat job and needless to say you look hawtt :) Cheers keep rocking gurlie


  3. Forgot to mention your site is looking amazing :)

  4. I love this outfit! It's a gorgeous soft grunge look which I absolutely adore! You pull off checked prints so very well! I adore your watch and your wedges are just to die for!
    Beautiful girl, beautiful blog!

    Love from, THE EASTERN PEARL

  5. @ Renew It : Thanks again girl ..yeah...donut bun is probably one of the easiest hair do's!

    @Shilpi: Hey, I would be happy that I could inspire someone thru my blog ;) Thanks a ton for your feedback and compliments!!!

    @Miss Iffa : Thanks... yeah... I can't stop adoring these wedges ever since I bought them a couple of months back...n they are as comfy as it could get ...so they get a 10/10 :)

  6. I am glad to find this post very valuable for me, as it contains lot of information. I always prefer to read the quality content and this thing I found in your post. Thanks for sharing.

  7. That looks so beautiful, love your style!


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