DENIMS- Boot-cut jeans and cropped jacket: TREND ALERT

Denims are forever...afcourse we all know that, but there styles, cuts and fits do constantly keep on changing. Within these few years , I have observed such a rapid change in denim fashion every now and then. I was surprised to read in a survey by Ebay in 2011, that  "Bootcut jeans" had by far the highest sales, leaving behind the low rise jeans by a huge margin .The high waisted jeans which appear to be quite the in-thing now do not appear to be anywhere in the radar! Boot-cuts are popular but score so high in the list did amuse me.

True Religion, a global leader in denims did a fashion show in Sep'10 where launched boot-cut fits for there winter collection, indicating that this trend has been there for quite some time now.

I could pick up any jeans from there store later,so got a nice boot cut fit which I am totally in love with, maybe because that's the only True Religion Jeans I own ;) , but I still prefer the skinny cuts more.

Another prominent trend I see is the cropped jackets - denims or non denims, they are everywhere! I believe this is because they are a perfect compliment for the high waisted lowers, which have swept the world. Lately, I have been adding more off cropped jackets to my wardrobe ignoring the regular ones!

Jacket : Forever 21, Tokyo. Shop for it ---> here
Shoes: Forever 21 , Tokyo. Shop for it here ---> here
T-shirt - Bebe , NYC
Bag: Gucci , NYC
Glares: Jimmy Choo, NYC
Stilettos - Forever 21, Tokyo
Muffler - Macy's ,NYC

So getting back to this look -
  • These jeans have a worn out effect, so it's been faded and torn in some place . I like the rugged appeal that it gives to the entire look. The cropped jacket adds to it.
  • I wanted to keep the whole look very denim focused, so accessorized with dull shades which are undistracting.
  • The shirt has BEBE written in crystals which I absolutely adore .
  • I wanted to add a pop of color, so paired up with bright red suede block heel stilettos .Ohh! and I just can't stop admiring these! They are quite comfortable and light weight.


  1. Your style is great! Love the new look of your blog.. its very clean. The old look was tooooo bright on the eyes and it looked tacky.
    Love these pics.. but stop pouting so artificially.It looks so fake. You have a great natural smile and a beautiful face.. so be natural.

  2. Hey! see you as anonymous...would be great if I knew you :) yeah...afcourse...the pout is artificial ;) I usually smile in all my pics..so gets boring for me at times to have the same expressions on my face all the time.

    Glad you like my new layout !

  3. Tanyaaaaa... I simply can't stop looking at ur new website design.. ALL WHITE.. it looks fantabulous. Cherry on the top is YOU with new denim look.. I LOVE IT :)) Waise bhi i like you in all attires whatever u wear.. you look absolutely stunning.. Love youu :)

    1. Hey! Thanks so much Moon Light...I can't see your profile...it's blocked!
      It seems like we know each other quite well :)


  4. Awesome new layout Tanya! Blog looks great and so do you! :))
    Love this look!

    ♥ www.thegirlatfirstavenue.com

    1. Thanks TGAFA ;) I am glad you liked the new layout <3

  5. I love the all white layout!
    and you look so cozy and secured.
    I love the jacket most!


  6. Tanya ... babes u luk super hot.. What a combo u came up with ...I love the complete denim look and that little red colour in look added so much glam .. Keep it up ...I am inspired :) Take care

  7. Tanya am loving the all white look of this blog. Looks fresh & crisp.
    Love the way you pulled off the denim on denim look. The jacket is gorgeous.

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  9. Thank you for your recommendation.I want to tell you True Religion Outlet store is also a good choice.

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