How to get big voluminous bouncy curls : Video tutorial

I am so excited about this post! I made a video where I demonstrate an easy way to curl your hair. There are some pictures below and if you scroll down you would find the video.It is a detailed and informative video explaining step-by-step on how to get voluminous hair and bouncy wavy curls.
For this reason , it is a bit long. It might look a bit tedious when you watch the video but trust me, it is easy and quick and the results you get are super. This is apparently the most popular hair do now a days which looks sexy and glamorous.I do this all the time!  I won't consider myself to be good at filming videos, but this time I really hope that it can be of some help to all you girls . 

The first time I used them was in India, when a professional Make-up artist had come to dress me up for my ring ceremony.That was 3 years back and I knew it that moment , that I have to have these! 

The things you would need are :
1)Hot Rollers
2)Hair Foam
3)Hair spray

I do understand that in India, the availability of Hot Rollers is limited. It is owned mostly by professionals and due to the presence of so many beauty parlors around, no on really bothers to own these. Next time , incase you want to save all that time and money, you can plan on buying one of these or any other model that you like.I can totally vouch for Con-air products.You can buy them at Amazon.com directly.They have started shipping internationally.

NOTE: Incase you are planning to buy in India, make sure the voltage is 220v or dual voltage.

I would love to hear from you girls. I hope this video helps.The outfit etc. would be coming up in the next post.


  1. cant believe the gorgeous transformation...will try this soooonnnnnnn....will wait for more..

    1. Thanks Pavani ... yeah ...your hair has the power to transform you completely !


  2. Those curls look great! I think I may need to get hot rollers! Your earrings are gorgeous too :)

    1. Thanks...yeah hot rollers r awesome ;)

  3. This video helped a lot. Thank you!!


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