My summer essentials : Maxi dresses

Dress: Forever 21 , Tokyo. Shop for it ---> here (Japan) and here (US)
Shoes :Forever 21 , Tokyo. Shop for it ---> here (Japan ) 

My love for Maxi's is ever growing! From picking up my first every Maxi a year back,I own more than a dozen now. My growing fondness can be owed to the fact that they exude so much romanticism ,feminity and delicateness .The fitted tops and flowing bottom are a reminiscence of the past when women would wear hats ,gowns and gloves emanating sheer elegance .

With this trend rocketing sky high, more and more creativity is being put in designing them to make them unique. I picked this one recently and I love how different it is from the rest . Can you notice the difference? It is a sheer chiffon maxi with the inner line kept very short which makes it sexy in a subtle way.From flowy georgettes to silky satin ,you would probably find these in all cuts , styles , textures and colors. They are unbelievably comfortable and well suited for all body types. 

Some posts I had done earlier on Maxi's are here :
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  1. Tanya i love your blog and though i ve been following it since a lot time, i am finally commenting :) totally your love your style :)

    1. Hey Samyukta!!!
      Thaaaaanks so much... I am happy to know that you do follow me regularly :) This keeps me motivated :P


  2. Aww you look great!

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  4. This is absolutely stunning .. I like the colour and your make-up is going so well :) Cheers

  5. Teal dress and red heels make a killer combo! You look so amazing, like a glam doll! xoxo

  6. wow....Very nice:) U look totally chic in this...luv ur blog....Lets follow each other


  7. you look stunning. love the dress.


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