High Waist trend in full swing

Short : Forever 21, Tokyo
Jacket : H&M ,Tokyo 
T-Shirt: Express, NYC
Boots : Aldo,NYC
Bag: Coach, NYC
Sunglasses: Gucci,NYC
Leggings : Heat-Tech, Uniqlo, Tokyo

Reminiscent of the retro look, high waist trend is in full swing.Effortless Elegance  is what it brings to the look, not to the forget the comfort and versatility that it provides.

I picked up these high waisted shorts recently and teamed it with a casual sequined Tee.Having paired with a ruffled shirt instead ,would have given a more formal look.I went in for a more casual chic look.Not necessarily are shorts meant only for summers.I wore a pair of woolen leggings underneath with a cropped jacket to beat the cold.Since, my outfits were vibrant enough , I chose a monochromatic color scheme for the rest ,ranging from my boots to bag and muffler.
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Body Con Dresses : Makes women look promiscuous, tells a survey!

Dress : Charolette Russe, NYC
Shoes and watch : Guess
Bag: Michael Kors ,NYC
Sunglasses: Gucci, NYC

Deriving its name from " body conscious ", the body con dresses are a rage this season. These are fitted body hugging dresses in stretchy cloth and apparently, the most popular in nightclubs .

I read a very interesting survey recently , where men in UK were asked that "what trends make women look promiscuous" and 57% voted for Body Con Dresses! The rest in the list were:

  1. The ‘Body-con’ Dress – 57%
  2. Crop Tops- 53%
  3. Corset Tops- 51%
  4. Lace – 45%
  5. ‘Underwear as Outerwear’ – 43%
  6. Pencil Skirts – 38%
  7. Knee-High Boots – 32%
  8. Stiletto High Heels – 29%
  9. Mini Skirts – 22%
  10. Hipster Jeans – 19%

Majority of men said that ,women wearing body con dresses  are ‘purposefully showing off their figure or trying to draw attention to themselves! Now , I take offense to that. 
Another survey rated Body Con dresses to be the 10th most searched fashionable item in 2011. Applaud! It seems these dresses are doing there magic and so every girl wants them. 

  1. Wear body shapers /body lifters underneath to get a better fit and silhouette.
  2. Wear darker colors , if such body hugging dresses makes you feel conscious, since darker colors makes you look slimmer and conceals the cellulite better.
A couple more posts on bodycon dresses :

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Fruit shopping in Tokyo

Strawberries and grapes : Rs300  
Mango : Rs 65 

This is a just very random fun post .A lot of girls want to see more of Tokyo in my posts, so even though it is not related to fashion, I thought of doing a quick and short post. Today evening I went down to the grocery and picked up a few fruits. This is the cheapest I can ever get and I am lucky to have found these tiny mangoes at 100 yen each .The standard sized ones are around 500 yen each.

I am a fruit lover, so in india I would eat Kilos of fruits each day without really appreciating them..haha..and now it's just a bunch of grapes and handful strawberries...sigh...If you love Water Melon, you would probably need to shell out anything between 4000 yen to 10,000 yen (Rs3000 to 7000) . That is crazy!

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I got a Digital Perm!

Gosh! I am so excited to share these pictures with you . I got liscio hair straightening and a digital perm yesterday and this is how it looks. It is still hard to believe that this is my hair and it will look like this every second of every day . I am so in love with it!

I have a lot more to tell you about these permanent hair treatments. In fact , I made a video on the whole procedure.I will be posting another detailed article on it next week with the video. Till then, enjoy the pictures and I would love to know thoughts.

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