Fruit shopping in Tokyo

Strawberries and grapes : Rs300  
Mango : Rs 65 

This is a just very random fun post .A lot of girls want to see more of Tokyo in my posts, so even though it is not related to fashion, I thought of doing a quick and short post. Today evening I went down to the grocery and picked up a few fruits. This is the cheapest I can ever get and I am lucky to have found these tiny mangoes at 100 yen each .The standard sized ones are around 500 yen each.

I am a fruit lover, so in india I would eat Kilos of fruits each day without really appreciating them..haha..and now it's just a bunch of grapes and handful strawberries...sigh...If you love Water Melon, you would probably need to shell out anything between 4000 yen to 10,000 yen (Rs3000 to 7000) . That is crazy!


  1. These looks lush. OMG! the watermelon prices are unbelievable. Go figure!

  2. Omfg! I have watermelon here like !!
    Thank god im not in tokyo. It would have been a battle between clothes and fruits.


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