Gel Nails : Anti chip, Anti Scratch & Long lasting solution

Ever since I got these gel nails, I was so excited about to talk about them and finally today when I get to write a post, I don't know where to start from.There is so much to talk about  .Gel nail art has become a major obsession for me and has taken over my thoughts :P

When I moved to Japan, I would see almost all women with fancy nails which had intricate designs and artistic patterns. Some were embedded with crystals , others had piercings or lots of shimmer. The one thing I noticed was that, the design and nails paint would remain absolutely intact,despite the nail having grown much longer. I would go to the stores to get gel paints to try them on but never found any. There are plenty of nail art salons here , but the prices were obscene. One day, I discovered hot peppers, which is a Japanese discount magazine. I google translated everything and shortlisted a place called Nail Bee in Ginza. I got a very basic one , just to see how it is done and what all is required. (Review at the Bottom). The one thing I did not know, was that it is cured (dried) under UV light.

It's benefits are immense .
  • After curing under the UV light, it doesn't scratch or chip.
  • It gives an intense glass like sheen.
  • Remains intact for atleast 2 weeks.Depends on how fast your nails grow.
  • Helps grow brittle and weak nails, since the gel applied to them, makes them harder and thicker 
  • Can repair broken or chipped nail with a builder/structure gel. 
Cons :
  • Buying a kit is costly because you also need to invest in a UV Lamp and entire gel system.
  • A lot of time ,money,energy ,patience and research goes into learning it yourself . The results are worth it.Learning is trial and error process. Atleast for me it is,which leads to more wastage initially.
  • Removing it is not as easy, especially the non soak-off range of gels. 
  • Soak-offs range can be soaked off in acetone which is relatively easier but too much acetone makes the nail dry.
Finally , I met a friend who has been doing gel nails at home for the past 10 years. Obviously, she is not from India, because I do not see it close to even being existent there. She is from Ukraine where apparently it is very common. She helped me a lot with where I could get my kit and explained in detail the application procedure. So finally, I have my kit and did my first gel nails too. Coming up soon!

For all the people residing in Tokyo who might want to visit Nail bee here is a Review: 
They did a good job with the nails, it hardly chipped or lifted even after 20 days. The design was very basic , but that is what I paid for (4400 yen /60 $ )
I was not too impressed with there service. When every place in tokyo offers 7 star service, this place lacked in that respect. It was a small shop in one of the malls , and when I entered, the staff did not welcome very warmly , like it is usually done in Tokyo. No tea was offered. While cleaning my nails, the lady was a bit harsh, and my cuticles were hurting . The lady also seemed to loose her patience, while communicating with me, since a lot of time I have to communicate in actions :p 

To wrap it up , It was 50-50 for me. I would try other places next time and then decide if I wish to return to Nail Bee or not. 


  1. this sounds amazing,,, my nails are so brittle. Hve grown sick of them now

    unfortunately not in Japan :(


    1. I have the same problem...extremely brittle nails...which is why I was looking for a solution...n I found one! You can perhaps order your kit from some place which delievers to India such as Amazon.com


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