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Beach Makeup and Look
My last few posts were on Beach looks and outfits and here I would like to talk about beach makeup. You don't need to have these products. They are listed so that you get an idea of the type of products needed with water proof and oil free attributes.These qualities would make your makeup Beach-Proof and you can be out all day long in sweat and humidity, looking as fresh as you did in the morning.

As you would know , I went to Guam recently. I was so excited and had been planning in my head all the stuff I would need to carry .Well apart from the obvious shorts , T-shirts and bikinis that we need, beach makeup is something which probably a lot of us wouldn't think off. A lot of us are wary of doing makeup on beaches. Either it would wash away or melt down is what we may think .

I have been using some products for a while now, which are perfect for beaches, even if you want to go for a swim.Get that sun-kissed glow which looks perfectly natural and sexy because the last thing you want is too much makeup on the beach! So lets get started!

These are my top 3 products when I go to the beach:

Obviously! This is a complete must. I use Clinique Sun Block SPF 40. I can't write enough about how much I love this cream. My skin being extremely oily , doesn't go well with creams. This is one cream I use, which feels so lightweight and helps control my oiliness. It has a slight tint which I quite like and it is a SPF 40 for intense protection from the sun. It is not waterproof, so when I am heading in the water, I prefer something water proof such as Shesiedo Anessa SPF50+ and Raios Spray SPF50+. For complete reviews on sunscreen click here

Mascara does the trick! It gives that extra oomph in just a minute. Just curl your lashes and use a Water Proof Mascara. I love the Dior Show Black Out Water Proof Mascara. It is buildable and absolutely water proof. It takes some effort to remove it, unless you use a cleansing oil. Good thing, it is perfect for beaches, as It seems highly unlikely for it to melt down or wash away.

A lot of us need a concealer to hide our dark circles or blemishes. I  need for it my under-eyes. I can  do with out it too but if in just a minute, I can get to see a much more improved version of me then why not? I absolutely love the Makeup Forever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream. It is water proof, so it just sticks on to the skin and doesn't come off that easily. It isn't so creamy but it is perfect for beach makeup.Use the one which matches closely to your skin (if you are not using a face foundation) or else it will not look natural

These are some more products I like to use depending on the event :

You can also add a bronzing highlighter to get a sun-kissed glow. You can use it on areas of your face where sunlight falls. Your tip of the nose, chin, cheek bones, and middle of forehead.I love the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze for the face.

Since we all do get tanned on beaches, using a body Bronzer adds a beautiful sunkissed glow. I used Body Shop Body and Leg Shine. It is a roll-on and very easy to use. I quickly rub it all over my skin and it gives a nice sheen. I realised It doesn't look good on fair/untanned skin.

You could also dab on some of your favourite lip gloss but it is highly likely to wash away. A lip stain  would do good. I used nude lip shades Mac Satin and Mac Cremesheen Cremecup, but I did have to touch up every once in a while. I just like the tanned look and nude lips

When going for a beach dinner/ party etc.you could do a little more while looking natural . A long lasting foundation which is meant for oily or oily/combination skin would do good. Since it would be hot and humid at a beach, a foundation with high moisture component would melt down. I use the Clinique Even Better  and Mac Mineralize Satin Finish.These are oil free and long lasting.I quite love these and sometimes I mix the too to get the closest match to my skin .

I used a foundation primer prior to applying foundation to extend the longevity of foundation and much more. For complete know how of primers go here.

I also use Smash Box Photo Set Finishing Powder which fixes the makeup and the makeup stays put all day long.

I use a water proof gel liner such as Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eye Liner in black. It is long lasting , easy to use and absolutely water proof and smudge free. A kajal should be avoided since it can easily melt down in the extreme humidity and make your eyes looks worn out in a couple of hours.

It probably looks like a lot of work but it doesn't take more then 10 minutes and you can transform yourself into a damsel.This regime will control your sweat and oil levels, keep your makeup intact and make you look fresh whole day long.

For the Beach hair, I would need to do another post, since this one is already too long.

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  1. The make-up looks so natural in the pics :) Good one!!

    1. Thanks Ritika...yea...tried to make it look as natural as possible!

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