How to organise and store your makeup

It is a multipurpose storage shelf and what better way to use it. I have stocked up all the daily items I need and I can do my simple makeup in 10 min .
Dressing table - The items I use almost everyday or most frequently are kept on the table slab.
This is a multipurpose Fur stand in Fuchsia. I knew this had to be mine the moment I saw it
The top section has my blushes and bronzers
The middle section had my eyeliners, gel liners, lip liners, mascara, etc
This is another storage basket which fits in the drawer below the slab.This one has all my foundation primers,eye primers,sunscreen, eye roll on etc.

These cute baskets are also kept inside the dressing table drawers which have my nail paints.
Here are some more baskets inside the dressing table drawers.They contain hot roller clips, hair straighter and curlers, hair bands and other hair tying items.
This is another basket of shallow depth which has some random stuff like the mutli-plugs, silk-epil etc.
This is the wooden shelf placed next to one the walls of my make-up room.
These are all the items which I don't need as often as the rest on the dressing table. Creams, oils,hair sprays, perfumes, face masks, etc.
The shelf has some more eyes shadow palettes and some random makeup items, which I don't use that often.
This beautiful pink storage basket which contains my eyeshadow pigments and glitter. I don't use it that often, unless I wish to do some dramatic eye makeup. It is easy to carry the whole basket to the dressing table, when I want to use any of the shades.
This is a corner storage self  which contains my entire manicure and pedicure tools and the gel nail equipment. The shelf makes it easy to view all the items , and whenever I wish to do my nails, I carry the whole shelf to the table.
This is the top shelf which has the IBD gels
These are so cute and useful storage cubes made of fabric. They are foldable and have a lid to cover the top which I don't need here. It has my items such as  caps,socks, scarfs,mufflers, etc
This is any inbuilt closet in the room with the hanging rod in the entire closet. This made the bottom part of the closet redundant. So I picked up these drawers which stores my other accessories.
This drawers contains my bangles and bracelets. 
These are really cute,big  and deep drawers,
I adjusted the dividers and removed the ones on the right side, so I could fit in the hair extensions
The hanging shelf is useful to organise and store smaller items such as my sunglasses etc.
This is cute basket I carry to the gym. I need it post sauna.Includes shampoo,conditioner ,face wash,body massager,loofah, hair mask etc.

I realised that I have still missed a few things but since this post is already so long , I can keep a part 2 for it, in which I can show you how I organise and store my junk jewelry etc.

As a kid or even as a teenager , I was really messy and unorganised.I would always end up loosing or misplacing things . I remember my mother giving me endless lectures but I couldn't care less. So today , I am sure that after reading this , my mother would be proud of me .I try to keep things organised and clean. How I did it ? I don't know. I guess with time and the fact that I moved to Tokyo post marriage and developed a sense of responsibility. I don't lose things and my room isn't messy any longer :) 

I would love to hear your feedback on how you like these storage items . I am trying to figure out a way to make such items and many more accessible to you all. My friends and relatives back in India, ask me to get some of the items they like, after checking it on my blog. So I thought , that why not build a platform where you can choose and shop. What kind of items would you be interested in? Your reviews and comments would help me a great deal .


  1. WhooooW !! Great post Tanya ... Really post-marriage responsibility is like a process which happens automatically :)

    ❤ StylishByNature.com

  2. I need to do this for my makeup as well as my jewelry! Great post! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    -Jyoti from Style Delights Blog
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  3. It's an awesome one and very well written....

    And one more thing.... You have a stunning face, body and style of dressing. I always heart ur styles on stylepile.... Keep up the awesome work

  4. I love it pink and black always my fav and love the way u organized everything..Thanks for the nice comment on my blog and I am following you blog now.

  5. Awesome collection n even more awesome storage :)
    You have loads of patience :)

    1. Thanks!
      I think I am quite impatient... :p

  6. wow! u r seriously organised!! i rely on my mind to recollect whr did i last see some item .hehehe!

  7. oh my.... awesomooooah!!! :D

    now begins my hunt for those perfect pink stands for organizing my makeup... so cute n fab all ur pink stuff are..

    i m gonna get tat fuchsia fur stand in my dreams for some nights to come.. :D


  8. It's so lovely. I love the pink all over your room. OMG, I also want to reorganize all my stuff in my room. :) It's an every-girl's-dream to have such organizer. <3

  9. Lovely collection and storage Tanya! If India had a little less dirt then perhaps even I would have stored my stuff in the open! Love your organization. :)

  10. so well organized and also it all looks so pretty :)

  11. Where can I buy all this pink stuff at?


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