My Complete Gel Nail Kit

The complete Gel Nail Kit ordered from Amazon Japan
IBD Soak-Off Gel Kit which includes Dehydrator , Bonder, Clear Gel, Clear Builder Gel, Cleaner Plus, Gel Remover, Nail Wipes,  Acrylic French Nails . Also Included is 36 watt UV lamp in Pink.
Pink Kabuki Brush, Cuticle Pusher,Nail Filer , Orange Sticks, Buffer block, Nail Form, Chip Cutter, Nail Glue, Dappen Dish, Nail Art Brushes

48 jars of glitter consisting of big size, medium size and very fine glitters and also crushed glitter
Rhinestones, Real Pressed Flowers and Fruit bars
Instruction Manual in Japanese, DVD in Japanese, Bow shaped Crystals, Nail Art Stickers

Yaay! I finally have the gel Nail Kit that I Ordered from Amazon Japan recently. Here is the link .It has got everything to start with and much more! Plenty of glitters, stones, flowers and stickers, so it's time to unleash my creativity!


UV Lamp :
After an extensive research, I realized that there are plenty of factors that go into getting a good UV Lamp, for which I would dedicate another post. A good UV lamp is needed to cure(dry) gel paint quickly and properly. I was a bit hesitant about buying this UV lamp because it is some random chinese UV lamp, but out of the very limited options available, this one seemed to be the best. Bic Camera, Ginza had none available. Yodobashi Camera had just one available in such a massive store. Don Quijoto had a couple of them ,but I found this to be the best deal .

  • It is pink in color. This probably would not be the top most pro for most of you all :P but for me the pink was kind of irrestible.
  • It is 36 Watt - meaning it had 4 bulbs of 9W each. The more the watts the fasters it cures. Many others I saw were just 9 Watt.
  • It has a 2 minute timer , even though having a 1 min and 3 min timers too would have been ever better.
  • It's size is appropriate , not too big or small, which is also essential for proper curing 
  • It has a 6 month warranty.
  • It takes more time for curing , than what it usually should take, indicating it is not very good quality. So usually if it takes 3 min to cure, this one takes about 5-6 minutes. There is a possibilty that I might be doing something wrong myself because I am totally new to this.

Other pros of the kit
  • It has got all IBD soak-off gels which are really good. One of my friends told me about this brand, and I am really happy with it. 
  • It is soak-off so removal is easy .Just needs to be soaked off in Nail polish remover.
  • It has got plenty of items for decorations which would last really forever.
  • There is a DVD in Japanese but just by looking at the video, it helped alot .
  • It provides a complete manicure/pedicure kit. So basically, you would not need to buy any more items unless you want some gel nail paints because it provides you with two basic shades in baby pink and silver. 
To wrap it all up , I am happy with the kit. The UV lamp isn't the best one I could get, but at the same time it is much cheaper.If anyone is looking for Gel nail Kit to start with , I would surely recommend considering this one


  1. I haven't tried gel nails yet. I really should!

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  2. Wow..i didn't know that gel nails with UV lamps etc can be done at home! Love the gel finish! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  3. Love the Review ..I have never tried them but really tempted to try out!!
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  4. Wow excellent post, i want this accessory to my wife. Thanks for sharing this post with us.:)

  5. Very Informative post for me. I feel very similar on this topic but have some new ideas also. I love gel polish kit. Thanks so much for this post.

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