Summer LOTD & Winery Visit

Shirt: Ross, Guam
Shorts: Forever 21,Tokyo
Slippers : Nine West , Guam
Coco Farm and Winery - Ashikaga, Japan
Wine Grapes Hanging

Wine Barrels

Shirt: Ross, Guam
Shorts: Forever 21,Tokyo
Golden Loafers : Nine West , Guam

An absolutely remarkable day we chose to head off to Coco farm and Winery! The sun was right on us, penetrating deep into our skin, burning every inch of our body. Thankfully, I had put loads of sunscreen :P.The whole winery tour reminded me of early morning classroom lectures, which made me all the more sleepy. The sweat and the sleepiness together felt awful ,but then I had my camera to click pictures .The place felt warm and cosy and had a different charm to it. The wine grapes hanging on the roof and barrels stored for years, fascinated me.Little did I know then ,that it is autistic and disabled people crafting these finest vintages in Japan.

We savoured the crisp taste of wine served with cheese and mushrooms. I missed the olives.I remember that a few hours later , we were no longer that sober ,thanks to the plenty of wine we all had. We were cracking jokes and laughing at the top of our voices ,annoying the people around.

At the sunset, we headed to Fireworks(Hanabi) where you get to witness fireworks for almost an hour an a half, at a scale so big, that you can't believe unless you see it with your own eyes. The whole sky is lit with crackers, and there are thousands of people watching ,celebrating the splendid view.

Coming back to my outfit, I am glad I chose to wear something light , airy and comfortable on this scorching hot day. I had done another post in the same shirt ----> here. The one difference is that this time its teamed up with high waisted shorts, which allows me to eat and drink as much ,without having to bother about my stomach bloating :P 


  1. Nice pics. Love your neonic top totally :)

    New Post up...

  2. That neon top is really sexy !! And ofcourse you look awesome as always : )
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  3. Your this top is super sexy babes ..Looking all wow :)

  4. You look all sunshine :D
    Very cute Tanya!


  5. u look gorgeous, and u were so right about the cropped top,looks super hoton u ! lovig every bit of ur outfit. thanks so much for ur comment on my blog, much appreciate!And yes lets motivate each other ! maybe we can follow,let me know !

  6. wow . . loved your outfit as well the photographs . . .awesome :)

  7. You are looking ravishing in this outfit!
    Love from India


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