Geeky chic nerd glasses + Video

The bizarre geeky chic nerd glasses have made quite a stir in the fashion world .Featuring black thick rimmed frames, they have become a fad. Many celebrities have been rocking this new trend. I love it... It is a fun and quirky way of dressing up. I don't need the numbered glasses, but for those with weak eyesight, they not only serve as a fashion statement, but also acts as a means of providing crystal clear sight. Is it Yay or Nay for you?

Here is a short one minute video on my geeky look! This time my inspiration for the video was Hip Hop!  This is my new You Tube Channel "DazzleandSizzle". I have discontinued using the old one. Please subscribe here :)

Celebrity spotting in Nerdy Glasses ,Source : Google Images

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Look of the day :Video - Animal Print dress & Stylish Braid tutorial

I am quite excited about this look. I also created a short video on my complete look as well as how to get this stylish braid in just a couple of minutes. I started a new youtube channel called "DazzleandSizzle" and this is the very first video posted on it. Do subscribe! I would be coming up with more fun stuff!

Dress: Forever 21, Tokyo
Shoes: Shibuya 109, Tokyo
Handbag : Prada, NYC

Eyeliner: Bobbi Brown Long Wear Gel Eyeliner
Lipstick: Mac Satin Red A80

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