Halloween 2012 : A night to remember !

Hundreds of people, in hundreds of Avatars, together on one night, celebrating the grand HALLOWEEN !

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So colorful!
KEEP OUT ! lol....quite innovative!
WTF? seriously...the most hideous prop yet funny in some ways! Watch carefully if you don't know what I mean :P
I have no idea what she is trying to become.She is probably Dr. she-male stripper. Confused?
That is funky! Me likes!
Dude, you give me the chills.. well done!
Mr. Creepy Joker!
I love the face paint!
Sexy women ...totally in their character!
Lol! couldn't have been more innovative!
Mermaids and the bad buoys!
With my bad buoy hubby and our Indian friends
No wonder why I can't fit into Japanese clothes! 
Buoys getting some eye candy!
Fun time for the buoys!
Corpse brides...freaky!


  1. I just love ur costume n make up,perfect and I am too stunned by these pics, they are actually awesome !

  2. what a blog! love it !
    hope you ll read us http://lifestylenotesbyaf.blogspot.com/2012/11/business-outfit.html?showComment=1352366550061#c5845407859620711870

  3. Love this postt!!! Looks like u had a great time:)


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