Looks created for a Contest by Cleosara

I am really excited to share my looks, which were created for a contest hosted by Cleosara in collaboration with Stylepile. 24 fashion bloggers were chosen and we were sent 2 pieces of jewelry each. We were supposed to style them with smart casual and create 4 unique looks. I was sent a beautiful green pendant and a pair of earrings. 

The good news is that I was the first runner's up ! 

LOOK 1 (pendant)
This is a look where she is just coming back from shopping. I chose Tokyo streets as the background . Her look is very chic and modern.The animal print slacks and wedge boots add some spark to the look. I kept the top simple with a broad neckline so the pendant is clearly visible. I did not use any other accessories so as to keep the pendant in focus.
 LOOK 2 (pendant)

I wanted to create a look  different from the one above.So I decided to go with a summery maxi. The whole idea was to get a very fresh and breezy look. The garden in the background totally compliments it. She is a sweet and simple, admiring nature around her .I wore the off-shoulder maxi so as the pendant is clearly visible.

 LOOK 3 (earrings)
The idea behind this one was to create one colorful and laidback look .She is ultra stylish ,sexy and bubbly .It was shot on a pavement where she stops to check her phone.

 LOOK 4 (earrings)
The final look is shot in an outdoor coffee shop in Tokyo. The whole idea was to show a strong, independent woman who loves to socialise.She looks effortlessly stylish in her boyfriend shirt and skinny jeans.

Sponsored by Cleosara


  1. You look so fabulous in all the looks ..I wonder why you didn't wonthe contest..for me it was definitely a winning entry!
    I too have to make this post ablout cleosara looks-pending from a long time:-((


    1. Wow! Thanks...I am truly humbled! Would love to see you Cleosara looks as well..

  2. wow, you always amaze me with your taste in clothes! ^_^. And very pretty u are! :D

  3. Love all the look but the 2nd one is my favorite.

  4. I loved all 4 looks.. best looks 1.. I really like Sharmila Tagore kind of eye liner too

  5. 0MG you look like a celebrity. Stunning, your every look was just amazing

  6. Looking so pretty but fifth one is so beautiful...

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    Thank u,

  7. You have got a beautiful figure lady..! Love your style :)

  8. You look fab! Just wondering, are your curls from your previous digital perm? How long did the perm last? Thanks!!

  9. Tanya! You look amazing in each of the looks...just shows how you can make just anything look good with your impeccable fashion sense and a charming personality...

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. you are looking soooooooooooooooooo prettyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.....

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  12. Pretty Nice Stuff, looking So Nice Collection of Snapshots,Amazing..

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