New Zealand Vacation : Outfit of the day

I went to New Zealand to  celebrate New year and I was totally blown away by it's raw beauty. Even though it was summer  time, with people casually dressed  in there shorts and slippers, I was covered from head to toe , in my winter clothes . It was a bit funny but I feel cold....really cold and can't do much about it.

You'll often see me wearing cropped tops and high waisted skirts. For winters, I add layers of warm inners and leggings ( Uniqlo Heat- Tech) , mufflers and woolen cap. I totally swear by my Heat-Techs. If it weren't for those, I'd probably be wearing thick overcoats weighing more than me! 

These pictures speak volume about New Zealand's untouched beauty!
Shirt : Forever 21 , Tokyo
Warm Inners and leggings : Uniqlo Heat-Tech , Tokyo
Jacket : Miss Sixty , Century City, US
Cap : OIOI, Tokyo
Muffler : Macy's , US
Boots:  Macys, US
Location : Lake Tekapo, New Zealand
Splendid view from our room 
Chasing the white pigeons! 

There is 1 sheep for every 20 people in NZ  ! They were so adorable. 

Sheep feeding the lamb in the middle of the road...we had to stop our car and wait!
At the peak of Mount John, enjoying the splendid view while having a cup of hot coffee


  1. you are gorgeous Tanya but this time it's the natural beauty of the landscapes that is taking away everything ♥ New Zealand is sooo GORGEOUS!!! and will you look at the colors! wow!
    Am totally blown away!

  2. you look so adorable :) and the pics r simply stunning :) u as well as the landscapes:)

  3. Wow...lucky you...Am loving your boots.

  4. oh wow! this looks like a haven :)

  5. Such a gorgeous landscape - you look so radiant Tanya :)

  6. you look so adorable :) and the pics r simply stunning :) u as well as the landscapes:)
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