Lechat - Perfect Match - On the Red Carpet Gel Nail Polish

Lechat- Perfect Match - On The Red Carpet Gel Nail Paint 
Lechat- Perfect Match - On The Red Carpet Gel Nail Paint 
I am so in love with this shade by Lechat's Perfect Match range called On The Red Carpet. Its a UV/Led Gel nail polish, so gives a ultra glossy finish which stays for at least 2-3 weeks. The pictures don't do it justice, since it was hard to capture it's dazzle and sheen . I really wish it's beauty could reflect in my pictures...time to take some photography lessons!

This is the first time I am using Le Chat products and all I can say is I am in love with them! Previously, I had been using IBD and I wasn't a big fan of those, so my friend suggested I try Lechat. They have an awesome collection of colors and the finish is a lot glossier compared to IBD. 

Since, I am not a licensed Nail Practitioner, I had a hard time finding Lechat products and voila! I found everything on Ebay . This has been my first ever experience with Ebay and so far its been perfect. Here is the link to Sellers Website on Ebay selling Gel Nail Stuff  . The Perfect Match range is a set which contains a Gel nail polish with a regular nail polish in the same shade.

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