Shopping for Indian Outfits at Shahpur Jat

On my current visit to India, I was looking for an Anarkali suitShopping for Indian outfits is such a task for me! I had checked out Meena Bazaar, Panna, Shakuntalam , CTC , Bombay Selections, Gyans and maybe a few more stores in Gurgaon area, but there was nothing that I fell in love with. Heard of it many times, but never visited, I landed at Shahpur Jat one day. It is a filthy area but full of talented designers with beautiful and unique creations. The prices are slightly on the higher end ranging from anywhere between Rs. 20,000-50,000 or more.

I finally picked up my suit from "Anubhav and Sneha". The fusion of Blue, Orange and Hot Pink color with intricate embroidery and golden sequin quickly caught my attention. Majority of their work involved doing a lot of color blocking with heavy borders.The Anarkali suits were almost floor length which apparently is the on-going trend. To give it volume at the bottom they had added "can-can" inside, so as to get that nice "Ghera". I wouldn't say that the store prices were outrageously expensive. Also, I managed to negotiate the price a little ;) The suit was stitched according to my size and was delivered right on time. 

Shahpur Jat is going to be on the top of my list for Indian oufit shopping. If you wish to visit Shahpur Jat, spare at least a couple of hours. Shopping there isn't as convenient as it would be in the malls but maybe a tab bit better than shopping in Chandini Chowk. Every store there has there very own unique styles and designs and it might take sometime before you can find that perfect outfit that fits your budget!


  1. beautiful outfit.. I like color combinations.. I am looking for outfits for my Trousseau. It seems worth checking out collection. You look very pretty

  2. So pretty !!
    You rocked Indian outfit :D

  3. This anarkali is just fab. The colors are brilliant, bright is so in now!!!!! I found a lovely anarkali at
    it is a perfect blend of bright and sober shades!!!

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