Look of the day : Faux Fur Animal Print Coat

Hey lovelies! I am so excited about this post because I love how the pictures have turned out and also, I am so in love with all that I am wearing. I wore this last week, when I had to go for a modelling assignment for reviewing restaurants. After the shoot, I decided to click some shots.

I am wearing a peachy shirt with pearl buttons and a ribbon to tie at the collar. I paired it up with a woollen skirt, which actually has shorts stitched inside, which I really like. Wore a long Faux Fur Animal Print Coat and accessorised with a multi layer Pearl Necklace and a Chunky Ring. Depending on how extreme the winters are, you can choose to wear your leggings accordingly. I wore a sheer one, but I usually wear the heat-techs I get from Uniqlo. For shoes I chose to wear my favorite black Wedges with high socks .

Shirt :Hush Hush / Skirt: Ingni / Coat: Ingni / Shoes:Forever 21/Ring:Swarovski

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Get the bold, High-Fashion look!

I wanted to create a hot and sexy look , so did this black smokey eyes and red lips which apparently is a no-no for many women. Used the best ever curling wand by Remington to create those soft curls at the bottom. Messed up the hair a bit to get that out-of-the-bed look. The little black velvet dress complimented the whole look I was going for and made the makeup pop more! I loved the end results...did you?

Dress: Forever 21

Primer : Smashbox Photofinish
Foundation : Mac Matchmaster (Shade 5.0)
Face Powder : Clinique Super Balanced Powder Makeup (05 Natural 5)
Concealer: Makeup Forever Full Cover Extreme Camouflage Cream
Highlight : Benefit Sunbeam
Contour : Stilla Bronzing Powder
Blush : Mac Springsheen Sheertone Shimmer Blush

Eyeshadow base: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Eyeshadows : Urban Decay Naked Palette (Virgin ,Creep, Gunmetal)
Eyeliner : Loreal Super Liner (Black Laquer)

lipstick : Mac Satin Just a Bite
Lipliner : Mac Cherry 

You liked the makeup or you think its too dramatic?

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Trend Highlight : Oversized Jackets

Hello lovelies! Weekend is here... hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday. I just got back from a shoot for Sony Xperia which was pretty exciting. There was a nice cozy setup and I had a great time! Now I am tired and it is super chilly outside, so I prefer being tucked in my bed , and this is how I am blogging on a Saturday night .

Anyways, these are some pictures from a few days back. I tried to create this rustic look with a raw and rugged vibe to it. Obviously, I started with choosing my super skinny faded jeans and paired it with my sexy high heel wedges. Aviator glasses complimented the look.You can try those geeky/nerdy glasses instead if there isn't much sun. I picked up this oversized loose fitted coat (not sure what it is called...could be a variation of a poncho coat but looks way trendier :P) and these are the end results .

Coat : Ingni/ Wedges: Forever21/Jeans: Zara

what do you think ? Do you like this innovatively styled coat ?
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Trend highlight : Puffer Coats

A stylish antidote to plummeting temperatures...Puffer Coats are a rage this season! They are so cozy yet light weight and look incredibly chic.  I personally don't like the ones which look plastic or glossy, so this one caught my instant attention. It is amazingly warm and comfortable and I love its waist-cinching belt and high collared neck.  

Puffer Coat : Ingni / Beanie: HnM

Are you prepared for extreme winters ? Puffer up with these coziest outwear!

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Make a style statement with Oversized Sweaters

I have been loving this new trend of oversized sweaters , cardigans and jackets, but I to prefer wear something tapered at the bottom, such as skinny jeans or leggings . This perhaps gives a more slimming and lengthening effect.  If you were to sport a more tomboy look then you can team it with baggy jeans. I wore my favorite high heel black wedges, and finished the look with geeky glasses and a pink beanie.

Sweater , Beanie, Wedges : Forever21
Jeans : Zara
Ring : Swarovski

So go pick your knit and team it up with something sleek at the bottom. Add some school girl accessory such a geeky glasses or a backpack and you are ready to rock this look!

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Ultimate experience at the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Recently, we went to a Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku ,Tokyo. I wasn't too keen on going since I thought it's going to be one of those robotic performance like I would see in Tokyo Science Museum. But it was something like I could have never imagined! An incredibly entertaining, eye popping and power packed performance with colorful robots and bikini clad women performing at blasting music. There was glitter, neon, bling, booty and robots! Utterly ridiculous yet simultaneously mind-boggling! A must visit ...you will laugh your head off!

It is not a restaurant like its name suggest and don't expect good food.The tickets cost 5000 yen per head which is worth every penny.
This is the entrance which has huge colorful robots . This is most bling I have seen in my entire life !
Then we moved to the lounge area. It was breathtakingly beautiful. 
Sweater: Ingni / Muffler and cap :H n M / Leggings: Heat-Tech, Uniqlo
Then we moved to the performance area where we were seated like this.
and...the power packed performances begin!

Huge colorful robots operated by women in dazzling outfit

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Look of the day : Winter Styling

Happy New Year 2014 to you all! I was in Kawakuchiko(150 km west of Tokyo) with couple of friends to celebrate New Years . The weather was freezing and so we had to make sure we were wearing enough warm clothes. 

A huge mall by the name of Aeon Mall, just opened in Makuhari, Chiba ,which apparently is not a very convenient location to shop from, if you are living in Tokyo. However, there collection and prices are pretty tempting. It consists of variety of awesome Japanese brands and there are some new year sales going on right now! I picked up quite a few things from there including this jacket and sweater. These slightly oversized Khakhi Jackets are quite the in-thing this winters. 

Jacket's hood with fur hem
Jacket : Ingni (Japanese Brand)
Sweater :Hush Hush (Japanese Brand)
Inners and leggings : Heat-tech, Uniqlo
Cap: H n M
Sunglasses : Guess
How do you like this look?

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