Trend Highlight : Oversized Jackets

Hello lovelies! Weekend is here... hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday. I just got back from a shoot for Sony Xperia which was pretty exciting. There was a nice cozy setup and I had a great time! Now I am tired and it is super chilly outside, so I prefer being tucked in my bed , and this is how I am blogging on a Saturday night .

Anyways, these are some pictures from a few days back. I tried to create this rustic look with a raw and rugged vibe to it. Obviously, I started with choosing my super skinny faded jeans and paired it with my sexy high heel wedges. Aviator glasses complimented the look.You can try those geeky/nerdy glasses instead if there isn't much sun. I picked up this oversized loose fitted coat (not sure what it is called...could be a variation of a poncho coat but looks way trendier :P) and these are the end results .

Coat : Ingni/ Wedges: Forever21/Jeans: Zara

what do you think ? Do you like this innovatively styled coat ?


  1. Found your blog through Jyothi's. Love this styling of the oversized jacket with the skinnies. You nailed it..

  2. I love this look! The wedges are amazing! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. Love your outfit...
    so stylish & effortless :)



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