Asos.com Sale shopping : Floral Maxi

Heylo girlies! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

Here is another outfit I bought in Asos.com Sale .You can buy it here before the sale ends! Was out picnicking with friends last weekend so wanted to wear something super comfy and relaxed and this was perfect!

For the other outfit I got a killer deal on Asos.com and you can check it out in the previous post here.

ASOS.com (AU)

Dress : Asos.com / Sunglasses: Rayban

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Asos.com Steal Deals : Sequin Maxi

Asos.com is having a major SALE! 
I know I know, a lot of you might not read beyond this because online shopping and that also for clothes DOES NOT interest you . But take a moment to check out before you decide. I too was always skeptical about buying clothes online. I was never convinced to shop from Asos especially when Tokyo is full of clothing stores. I mean how can you buy something without trying it out first? Even though you might not feel the need to look beyond your favorite stores, I realised every store has there unique styles. So what I get at ASOS is something I don't find at a Forever21 or an H&M. I got some ASOS shopping vouchers for winning a fashion blogging contest and that was my first experience ever. Since then I totally vouch for this site. I picked up 5 dresses in Sale recently and I will be posting them soon. 
  • They provide Free International shipping 
  • Though the dresses are pricey at the original prices, during sale the prices go down about 70% 
  • The quality is simply amazing
  • Customer service is superb and returns and refunds are easy . I had to return a dress and paid about 300 yen($3) to send it back to UK from Japan
Till then check out the one below here . I got it for $26 when its original price was $130 ! What a steal! Check out more steal deals on women dresses here.
If you want to check out dresses from the same designer, check out Elise Ryan Dresses here. Elise Ryan dresses are super sexy and glamorous. Ideal for prom nights, date nights, fine dining etc.

Chanel Classes Grand Shopping Tote (GST)

What do think of this look? Do you think this dress is really a steal deal? Do you shop from Online websites? If so, which are the good ones to buy from?

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Get fancy nails - Shop for nail art items on Ebay

I am crazy about shopping for nail art on Ebay ! Not only do I find the best deals here, the variety is endless. I only recently started shopping on Ebay and that is when I realised how stupid I was to go and buy stuff for 5 times the price from a store. 

To begin with , even if you are skeptical of shopping online, because of frauds , the prices of nail art items are so low(starting at $1 plus free shipping ), that it won't hurt you if something goes wrong. In my experience, I have placed at least 30 orders  and have gotten all of them .

All these stores do free shipping  almost everywhere and sell items at a very low cost. It is amazing !
The one downside could be long delivery time . Also, to search for the right product at the right cost might take forever since there are so many sellers on Ebay.

I am listing below all the items I purchased on Ebay. (Please note that eventually the link to products listed below might expire as the product links keep changing from time to time. If so, then please click on the seller, and search for that product in their store)










I love the Swarovski crystals too. I can't say with certainty if they are authentic Swarovski, but they are excellent quality! In fact just recently when I was in Delhi, India , checking out nail art salons, I was told that to get 1 piece of Swarovski on my nail would cost Rs 100 ($2). Are you freaking serious? I got 144 pieces for $8.In Japan as well, they charge around 100 yen ($1) for 1 piece of Swarovski.

All these little items are such good value for money. You can unleash your imagination and use them as you like on your nails or as decoration for mobile covers , books, laptop cases etc. Where would you like to use them?

Some more nail art designs -

I have purchased plenty of other things, such as girly mobile and laptop covers, gel nail paints, and other accessories. Will list them soon.XOXO


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