Cupcake Beauty on Halloween !

I dressed up as Cupcake this Halloween which also happened to be my birthday ! FYI the headband has a cupcake on it but I am wearing  the wrong side in front ! Dammit !

  • I bought my costume from Amazon US and they shipped to Japan in freaking 2 days at very nominal rates. I also ordered a couple more things to divide the shipping costs which totalled to only $25 . I like Leg Avenue Costumes for Halloween , but they are sold at 3-4 times the price here, so being able to buy it from Amazon US was totally amazing!
  • I wanted to do something sexy, colorful and cute and I am happy with how the look turned out to be . I did pink eyebrows and pink face contouring for the first time , and even though I was very skeptical about doing it initially, it does indeed compliment the whole look. The pink liner pencil (Bourjois 58 Pink About you) made it super easy to color my brows. 
  • To add some more dazzle, I added a lot of pink and blue glitter on the face, and silver and golden chunky glitter on neck and shoulders. A glitter glue is imperative to make the glitter stick . I used Too Faced Glitter Glue. You can use eyelash glue as well. 
  • For the Colors to look so pigmented and vibrant , I thank NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk . It works as a perfect base and makes my eyes like a blank white canvas, where I can paint anything I want. 

Let me know if you want a complete tutorial on this look. All products used are listed below

Dress :
Cupcake Costume  

Eyes :
Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk
Coastal Scents 88 color Matte Palette 
Beauty From the Earth - Multipurpose Mineral in Blueberry and Grape
Bourjois 58 Pink About you
NYX Glitter Mania in Blue
Glitterati Glitter in Pink

Face :
Urban Decay Deslick Makeup Setting Spray
I also used some crystals near the eyes and tonnes of glitter on the neck and shoulders. They are all items for my nail art . You can buy them here

Lips :
Mac Candy Yum Yum
NYX Hot Pink Pencil Liner

Gel Nails :
IBD Parisol
For fancy nail art items that I used here such as bows, crystals and hearts , check out this post . It has the best deals you can get on nail art items with free international shipping

Lenses :

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  1. So cute! Hope you had a lot of fun with this outfit.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  2. awwwhhh so cute... makeup is so vibrant and skirt with cupcakes :-*

  3. Happy Birthday Tanya....this is a really cute one


  4. Your so adorable

    check me out


  5. Cant believe it...It is sooo cute <3


  6. You're th hottie babe xxx what is your instagram ?

    1. Thanks hotness <3

  7. The eye makeup is fierce! You look great.


  8. You look so cute <3
    Would you like to follow each other?
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  9. You look gorgeous <3 Love the colourful makeup, very skilfully done!!

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