Daniel Wellington Watch & OOTD


Watch : Daniel Wellington / Bag: Michael Kors / Dress : Zars / Earrings : Swarovski 
Lately I have been obsessing over watches with big dials , even though if there were to be a contest for people with the thinnest wrist, I would win it hands down!  For a long time, I would tell myself to wear watches with petite dials and the ones with big dials are not made for me. Haa! I confined myself to such idiotic and ignorant rules , and then came the moment of  enlightenment when I realised how totally amazing the big dials look . Not only that, they are the IN thing now! 

I love my new Daniel Wellington Watch , which is an European brand and they ship worldwide. This classic timeless beauty with a minimalistic design and a vintage vibe is a perfect addition to my collection of watches. You can buy it here

Would love to hear what you all think.

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  1. hey Tanya u r gorgeous and i like your style....this watch suits you so well....big dials are my fav too



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